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Thread: trades
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Thread: trades
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>-Allen is better than Greiss, but Edmundson is much better than Scandella and will be on the ice most nights (as opposed to Allen who'll be the backup goalie for what? 35ish games?), so the value is fair with St. Louis kicking in the 3rd. If I'm Montreal, I'd kick in the necessary retention on Allen to make the deal work for the Blues, because the two guys you're sending out aren't dragging you out of the lottery this season; might as well get an extra pick out of the deal if you can.

-Can't see Ottawa taking this. Hoffman is a better player than Watson, sure, but Watson is only making $1.5M this year while Hoffman still has 2x$4.5M left. I also don't know where Hoffman fits in with the Sens top 6 being some combo of Norris/Tkachuk/Giroux/Stuetzle/Batherson/DeBrincat. I think Montreal adds to this to get out of Hoffman's deal; maybe a little less than they normally would since they are taking back Watson's contract and cap hit, but still: Habs add.

-I honestly don't hate this if I'm the Jets? Lowry still has 4x$3.25M, while Armia is 3x$3.4M. Lowry had a better year last year than Armia, but overall through their careers they've put up similar production. If Winnipeg thinks that Morgan Barron is ready to slide into 3C, I think it'd be a worthwhile trade to get out of that $3M+ cap hit a year early and snag a pair of 2nds.

-Drouin has no value until he's on the ice; some team will probably take him at the deadline if he's playing well and the Habs retain. I don't see him fetching back any sort of positive asset before the season and at his full cap hit, though.

-This one is tough. I don't think the value of the package is far off, but I don't see Vegas trading Theodore without a young, cost-controlled D coming back. If you swap out one of those forward prospects for one of the many D prospects Montreal has coming up (Justin Barron? Jordan Harris?) I think Vegas would seriously consider it as a way to shed some of the cap they need to move while not completely hamstringing their team.

-Look, I get that Seattle would be seriously killing themselves in goal here, but this is a big overpay in my eyes. Grubauer is a solid goalie but his value is at a low point after a bad season; Vince Dunn is a fine middle-pair D and not much more. Giving up a pair of 1sts PLUS Kaiden Guhle &amp; Justin Barron, and you're throwing in an extra goalie for me too? If I'm the Kraken, I take this and run - this potentially locks in half of my top 4 for the next decade at the cost of a 26 year old D I was probably dangling next summer and 5x$5.9M of my .889 SV% goalie? Sign me up!</div></div>

No one thought Chiarot would fetch a 1st because his value was not that high;
No one thought Kulak would fetch a 2nd, 4th and a player because his value was not that high;
No one thought Lehkinen would fetch a 1st pick in Barron and a 2nd because his value was not that high;
No one thought Romanov would fetch a 1st and a 4th because his value was not that high;
Drouin has more value than you think and it will be proven on the ice or in a trade for multiple pieces; we haves so many wingers already, he is a prime candidate to be traded due to what you can get for him and only 1 season left so no risk either!
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