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Forum: Armchair-GMJan 22 at 2:17
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>If you get a pick for Thompson, he has to go, yes. If you want to resign him in the offseason that's fine but there is literally no reason to keep him this year based on where we are in the standings. Same goes for Scandella but the thing is Habs are starting to be log jammed at LHD. Chiarot, Mete, Romanov, Kulak if he isn't traded. There are only so many spots available so someone has to go. Scandella can stay as a 7th dman but i doubt he wants that so you got to trade him and recuperate those assets spent on him.

Cousins is absolutely worth trading if you can get something for him. He was a free pickup just like Kovy. Habs don't need cap space and Cousins playing 15 mins game is precisely why I think he should be traded. This team isn't good enough if Cousins plays too many minutes and if that's the case, you need to build through the draft and develop youngsters. So instead of Cousins getting 15 mins, Poehling, Caulfield, Kotkaniemi, etc etc get those minutes instead. Plenty of Cousins type players available in free agency if need be this offseason. Smart GMs turn free pickups into long term assets and don't get attached to those free pickups.</div></div>

It all depends on the pick you get for Thompson, MTL gave up a 4th in 2019 for Thompson and a 5th in 2019, so a 4th or 5th would be as low as I would go. He can still help the younger guys and teach them about faceoffs at the very least.
Scandella for a hometown discount is better that Kulak who can be traded was my point, they will need experience at LD and if Kulak is gone then they have Chiarot, Mete and Romanov.
If you get back your 4th you spent then so be it.
Cousin only played on the top 2 lines due to the injuries the Habs had and he was fine, not great but fine. He should be a 4th liner at best and again his only trade was including an AHL'er and a 5th going back. If you can get a 5th then do it. Play Poehling for sure but more than 7 min and don't rush Caulfield.
At least Cousins knows the system and can keep up, who knows what you get in the offseason.
Every player has a price but these guys are not 6th or 7th round picks, MB must do better or keep them.
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