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Oct 3, 2016
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Jul 1, 1982
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Avid hockey fan and armchair GM on several sites.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>Just looking at analytics, sure. Maybe even a 3rd liner with 2nd line upside. Not sure Karlsson is a great example though because he just never really got a chance in CBJ and put up nearly as many goals last year as he had career points before the season. Looking at his last year with CBJ vs his first year with VEG:

CBJ - 13:23
VEG - 18:43

CBJ - 96
VEG - 184

CBJ - 6.3%
VEG - 23.4%

CBJ - 45.2
VEG - 51.6

FF% rel
CBJ: -4.3
VEG: 3.9

What the advanced stat story tells me: CBJ was using Karlsson in a more defensive role while VEG put him in a more offensive role. His TOI jumped over 5 minutes a game and nearly 500 for the season (compared to last year in CBJ). My guess is that Vegas asked him to think more offensively, thus his shot total nearly doubling and his oZS% increased by about 6% with Vegas. The biggest question I have is his S% going forward. 23.4% is a crazy shooting percentage and in prior years he was anywhere between 6% to 8% with CBJ. Now you plug in 8% with his SOG and he's got 15G (again huge swing).

I know what you're getting at, I just think Karlsson is a bad example because it looks more like a career year than anything.</div></div>

Hes a good example in the sense that the analytics said he's a checking 3rd line centre. His 6.3% shooting would indicate he's not an offensive player. Same with the shots taken etc etc. Your very likely right in VEG approach in asking his to play offence rather than a defensive role. His off zone starts weren't a dramatic change from columbus but but yes his shooting percentage was insane. Good shooters can hover around the 14% mark. Id peg him around the 10-11% mark. But when u look at his usage in Columbus, he was pegged as u said, a third liner with 2nd line upside.

Miller, it this NHL is a commodity that is semi rare. Right shot PP guy with capabilities to do so and continue to do so. He may improve based on his training regimen and team focus on how they use him. But i wouldn't disagree that he's a 3rd pairing. Was just trying to say he's worth the coin he's paid and its on par with what teams tend to offer for these type of guys and the loss, albeit, insignificant from your point of view, was still a tough loss in the sense that they got nothing for him and Subban
Forum: NHL SigningsJul 10, 2018 at 9:26