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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AFOX10900</b></div><div>Dahlin and Eichel, almost untradeable, Cozens UPL and probably Reinhart, would have to be a very good player on a good contract and young Skinner doesnt have a ton of value bc that contract is TERRIBLE... see Subban, PK, MoJo and Risto, Miller, are about a second+, Joki could probably fetch a first+, and theyd want return on investment on Montour, but probably wont get it, Mittlestadt's value is tough to judge, they rushed him a bit last year, but we'll see how he does this year, McCabbe probably a third+ (based off the Rust for McCabbe trades that were popular a few weeks ago) Ruostalainen probaly about a second, but prospects are tough to judge, he'd be added to a trade to get a better player rn likely, i like Pilut, but probably only worth like a 5th, idk what Bryson's value is, Sheary (based solely off me watching him in PIT) is a cap dump lol, Vesey, ERod, a TT are all like 3rd liners... about a third round pick (thank you for not overvaluing TT to an insane extent) I like Asplund and Borgen, but theyd probably be additions to a trade, id value them at about a third, im REALLY high on Pekar, im going to assume Olofsson was supposed to be in the LD tier, he'll probably be a decent bottom 6er this year, so about a 5th at most, everyone else in the LD tier has baisically no value, Sobotka, Okposo, Bogosian, Scandell, and Hunwick are all cap dumps, Gilmour might actually have a bit of value, ik a ton of teams wanted him in July, idk about everyone else, probably not much value...</div></div>

I have one problem with what you said and thats Olofsson. have you seen him play? like at all when he was up last year he was up on the first line and did fine and during preaseson as played better then the majority of the sabres who were on the 2nd line last year you could even argue all Olofsson is better than all of them i doubt Buffalo would consider trading him
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