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1- PIT 117 pts (P)
2- CAR 105 pts
3- WSH 102 pts
4- NYR 98 pts (W1)
5- CBJ 92 pts
6- PHI 86 pts
7- NJ 84 pts
8- NYI 80 pts

1- TOR 106 pts
2- MTL 103 pts
3- TB 101 pts
4- BUF 93 pts (WC2)
5- OTT 88 pts
6- BOS 87 pts
7- FLA 76 pts
8- DET 71 pts

PIT, the penguins don't really need much of an explanation , they are STACKED, they literally won back to back cups while having half their team injured, they did lose key players but they have proved in the past, that they have amazing luck and will find a way around it

CAR, they will be 2018's CBJ, surprisingeveryone
They'll get home ice advantage in the playoffs, they have proved in the past that they are an incredible possession team, but didn't have solid goaltending to back them up or elite offence to help them out, this year they have a very underrated top 9, have one of the best defense in the league, and if Darling proves that his numbers in CHI, weren't a fluke, the hurricanes shouldn't have a problem

WSH, this team lost oshie, williams, schmidt, alzner, shattenkirk, with very bad replacements, the capitals also had one of the healthiest lineups in the NHL last year, they are bound to be hit by an injury bug, and they simply just don't have the depth they had last, they still are a very good team tho

NYR, these are guys are too good to miss, but won't have a 100+ pts season

CBJ, they had been pretty lucky last year, I mean like they had a 16 game win streak, half their players had breakout seasons, I expect a few players to regress, most especially Bobrovsky

PHI, NJ, NYI, I honestly don't know which order these guys finish, but just feel none will make playoffs and will finish bottom 3 in division

TOR, they could potentially have 7 players with 50+ points, Matthews, Marner, Kadri, Nylander, Van Riemsdyk, Marleau, Bozak, they have a powerhouse offense, good enough defense, and above average starter, and they are also in a pretty weak division

MTL, Carey Price

TB, They have potential to have 3 70+ point players, and 6 50+ point players, their offense and defense won't be a problem, but they do have an inexperienced starter

BUF, I really like Eichel, I just feel this will be the year they finally manage to make the playoffs, they can score a lot, lehner statistically is pretty good, defense may be a concern

OTT, after a crazy run and being one goal away from Stanley cup finals, they will miss the playoffs, the Karlsson injury, will give them a bad start, and they just won't be able to recover

BOS, Pastrnak is like the only good player under 30

although they have arguably one of the best first lines, they don't have much after that

FLA, what a garbage offseason, how they let go of marchessault is beyond me, they lost so many key players, luongo is aging, and reimer is mediocre, Florida is going back to 2013 mode

DET, they have like no depth no defense and unreliable goaltending