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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mytduxfan</b></div><div>I like the fact you've taken a completely different approach to address our issues. Despite being a big believer in keeping Manson, I actually quite like the trade you've put together, especially considering that TOR a risk for not actually making the playoffs. I think the value is absolutely there. I just wouldn't personally do that deal because I don't like that RS without Manson. I am not on the Julius Honka hype train at all and certainly would never even consider playing him top pairing. Would rather just get a 2nd or 3rd for Grant. I don't understand why some fans want him signed. He's a neat player, but nothing special and totally movable. If we keep him, he only gains further leverage to demand a stupid contract after the good year he's had. No thanks. Don't understand moving Rowney. He's been good us and all we're returning is a few late round picks. Not worth it to me considering we'd probably spend more trading for a replacement or overpay on someone at UFA.</div></div>

Im on the same boat with Manson, Hate to see him go but if we can get a package like this for him I'd pull the trigger, and depending on the Pesce injury this may be a possibility

J. Honka may not be the ideal option but if we can get a player like that for Grant, who is a 4th liner and nothing more I'd take a flier on Honka, to be fair though I've always been a big fan of his

I don't see us getting more than a 4th for Grant tbh, I would love to get more but I was trying to be more realisitic with my returns and not absolute best case scenario, He should 100% get moved for the best offer tomorrow regardless what it is

Yeah the more I look at the Rowney deal the more I even question it, I think I was just having fun making trades, I figured his role could be filled by the combo of Backes/Comeau though
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 7:52 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Slezzy21</b></div><div><a href="/users/salzy" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@salzy</a> first of Gotta apologize I just have seen to many stupid Manson trades. But I see your point of view and respect it. I personally need a 2nd round for grant because I rather keep him and Honka is probably not gonna pan out. For the other trade I just see it being an underpayment for Manson. I know that sounds a little silly but his presence is so valuable in the playoffs. Plus he's got the term and a great cap hit. Not to mention, the pick is conditional and I don't like the prospects we can get back. To add onto that I don't think its good to take on another cap dump. Then I just completely disagree with the retention on Rowney and getting Cody Ceci despite the pick we receive with him.</div></div>

I broke down the CAR trade like this in my mind
Manson = Honka + 1st
Miller DZ = JK (I see miller being valued at a 4th/5th without retention and DZ being a 6th/7th)

There is no team that will give a second for Grant, and holding on to him for nothing is poor asset management, we can trade him and sign him in the offseason if we want to keep him that bad

Worrying about someones playoff presence with the team in the situation we are in is also mismanagement, I love Manson and would hate to see him go but getting a really good RD prospect and a mid 1st would be a great return for him, he isn't the same player he was a few seasons ago

His contract adds to his value and BM should take advantage of that and not hold on for the sake of it especially if CAR gets desperate

Taking on minor cap dumps would be fine (Under 3M cap hits for a year) we aren't competing next season so we might as well use a valuable asset in our cap space

a 4th and a 5th for Rowney would be a good return for him, and taking Ceci to play RD for 20 games doesn't affect us at all

This team is 2 seasons away from competing best case, that leaves one year of Manson who may regress further by that time, His value won't be higher than it is now and that should be capitalized on