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Thread: Makar
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CMcAvoy73</b></div><div>There isn’t a ton of precedent for d men stepping into the league and being Norris caliber either. The last one that really sticks out is Doughty, who signed 7x7 when teh cap was 59.4 million. That’s 11.7% of the cap. Today’s dollars thats a smidge under 10. But wouldn’t you say we’ve seen a big of a re-set when it comes to the true superstars coming off their entry deals? McDavid got 12.5, Matthews got 11.6 for five years, and reportedly was asking for 13.8 on any 8 year deal. Marner for just under 11 for 6. Eichel got 10 right off his entry without really proving all that much. Rantanen got 9.25 without much of a fight. Chabot had a solid couple weeks and they threw 8x8 at him.

Think about that one. On the one hand, you’ve got Thomas Chabot. 8x8. You’re saying you think Makar lands at around 8-9 for a 7-8 year deal? Makar isn’t a smidge better than Chabot. He’s in a different category.</div></div>

I don't really disagree on the AAV, the more I look you might be right. I personally don't think Makar ends up quite with 8 figures, but you're right there has been a reset with young stars deals, and one of the contracts you mentioned was Rantanen so Colorado has already shown to be a part of the new market. The critical thing is the term. Most of those deals you mention were for max term, and at the very least all of them were buying multiple UFA years. The only slight exceptions were the Toronto deals - Matthews only has a single UFA year, but Marner again has two - and they've been universally panned instead of followed by other teams since. No team has signed a deal like that for RFA years only. I had 6 years in on the original proposal here, but with a little more looking I believe its actually a 5 year deal that would take Makar straight to UFA without buying any of those years, so I should edit that. There's no chance Colorado wants a 5 year term. Like the Canes with Aho, they'd undoubtedly match and move on, but they won't be high fiving about getting the minimum number of team controlled years possible under the CBA. That would sting a bit.
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Thread: Makar
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Thread: Makar
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Thread: Makar