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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>cant tell me Laffy's value hasnt plummeted either though. his comparables all year were mcdavid, crosby, and at worst huberdeau. He definitely isnt mcdavid or crosby. and huberdeau had a pretty solid 19yo campaign. had the sophomore slump then has been a really quality player since. Am i probably wrong about it yeah, is part of the issue the rangers... maybe. But looking at the actual on ice product the kid hasnt looked any better than alex texier. he was 235th in league history of 19 year olds that played based on points per game slightly ahead of guys like josh bailey, bo horvat, and anthony beauvillier. using his age 20 season hes 808th tied with cody eakin, and slightly ahead of teuvo teravainen (rookie year on stacked chicago team), curtis lazar, emerson etem, cole caufield (lol), and chuck kobasew... using basic projection models its not looking good for the kid. IF he picks it up... he will be regaining lost value.

not sure of many players that played 200+ games in the league and then exploded in his mid 20s. marchand is really the only guy of recent memory where he went from a mid tier player to elite almost overnight.

The difference between players like kaprizov and panarin to chytil are both guys played phenominally in KHL. They were already proven offensive threats overseas. Kaprizov at 18 in khl had 27 in 53 and then at 19 had 42 in 49 and followed that up with 40 in 46 at age 20. Panarin at 18 played 20 khl games and had 9 points, at 19 he had 21 in 40 and at 20 he had 31 in 50. he didnt really "break out" until 22 but he was ALWAYS very good in the NHL. I wouldnt say based on the data we have here that laffy will break out like that. at this point he has a similar bust percentage as he does a home run style breakout.</div></div>

I definitely agree that Laf has had his value drop a lot since he was drafted but he could still be a really solid top 6 LW in the future. I also agree w/ you that he has a similar bust percentage as he does a breakout. For him to be a solid NHL player, though, he doesn't have to have a breakout season. If he was half a decade older and producing like this then it would be safe to call him a bust, but he's only 20.
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