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Thread: One trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>I don't think you know very much about Ghost to make those observations. Firstly in 2019, he was injured off and on for the first half of the season, and was supplanted to 3rd pairing, (mainly because of his nagging injuries, but more so do to the fact that Philly had 5 guys who could carry the puck and had some offensive flair, 2 of which were Provorov and Sanheim at 1LD and 2LD). And the sheer fact he was still playing through his injuries, was down to his talent.
The injury got worse and Ghost went on IR, bringing in stay at home Hagg and then the team caught fire, going from 8th in east to challenge for 1st and winning the round robin. Once injury free, with the team gelling and Hagg's style the better fit, there just wasn't the place for Ghost (who's game was replaced by 4 other flyers dmen who are 30+ pt guys).
You can say Ghost was benched, but it had little to do with his play and everything to do with the teams play with the stay at home/shot blocking/hitting Hagg (who is a .25 pts a game guy) in his place. The games Ghost did play in the playoffs he looked solid, albeit unspectacular. SO Ghost, with injuries the past 2 years, 3rd pairing time (and PHI plays a PP with only 1 dman, Provorov or Niskanen), struggled, but most PHI fans will point at injuries/minutes/situations and not a drop off in play.

Overall, it comes down to whether you think Ghost is the 50+ pt guy he was his 1st four seasons, or the guy whose been supplanted by team needs and injuries the last 2 years.

Risto is just 1 yr younger and paid 900k more for 1 less year, those things are about even. But forgetting Ghosts offensive output his first 4 years AND the ridiculous +/- of Risto is a bit unfair. Risto has been consistent, but thats not entirely a complement in regards to his defensive progression, whereas with Ghost you can point at team depth and inujuries for a definitive change.
Risto might look better in 2nd pair minutes, but again its about fit for the team. The hope of Risto becoming a more reliable and better defender is almost the risk that Ghost, injury free, will be able to return to what made him a 50+ pt guy for 4 yrs. Sometimes the singularly best player is not the best fit.

Ghost is the bigger risk, no doubt, whether he can return to his 40+ pt capability with pp and 2nd pairing minutes. This trade above favors the Flyers, but not by much.

I proposed it as it fits what both teams need more. IMO Buff has two young studs, one at RD, with serviceable vets in Montour and Miller at RD, with McCabe and Dahlin at LD. Im not saying BUF is at a win now, but you don't promise Eichel help and sign Hall to a 1 yr without a bit of urgency or change. A BUF defense of Dahlin-Miller, Ghost-Montour, McCabe-Joki looks better to me than with Risto in it and McCabe on 2nd Pair and Joki playing LD.</div></div>

You're right, I haven't seen Ghost play enough to judge him for myself. I'm purely basing my opinion on what Flyers fans have said here and in other places. And I wasn't even aware that he was playing hurt last year, so thanks for adding that insight.

And I agree, in theory it makes perfect sense for the Sabres to swap one of our righties for a LHD who can play second pairing minutes.

That being said, I guess my point of contention is that nothing I've read online gives me confidence that Ghost can come in and be that guy. He could be, but he feels very risky to me. And with three years left at $4.5M, that's more risk than I really want to take on. Neither have a good contract in my view, and I'd rather have the one with two years left than three.

I think it's something I'd be more willing to do if he comes into this season and shows that last year's struggles were in fact due to injury, and that he's still a solid offensive defenseman.