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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sicksi</b></div><div>hayes contract was a disaster before he even played a game. his ceiling was... a 2nd line center. already in his mid 20s. who was guaranteed to fall off (and was already showing signs of doing so in his short stint in Winnipeg). guys like Bill Meltzer tried to justify it... I remember a tweet specifically that really pissed me off. it was like "wELL thEy EssEntiALLy traDed aWay thE DaLe WEise and *insert other player that i forget here, maybe jori lehtera i forget* coNTracTS foR kEviN HaYES! ITS A GOOD CONTRACT GUYS TRUST ME" well the 1st year was good and thats about all we get. Coots has regressed so much offensively that he looks like how he did 6 years ago. A 2nd line center at best who is good at defense but cant do anything worth a damn offensively. G, Hart, and Provy are the only guys who have done their part this year. Everyone else can f off lol. We need to keep young guys like York, Zamula, Frost, and Allison in the lineup and package everyone else for either picks or young guys. Hayes is staying because his contract is unmovable. Id like to see them get rid of Coots for a good prospect or a high 1st rounder before his value depletes more. A lot of teams could use him. Kings showed that having that two way center depth can make once terrible teams real contenders instantly. i dont care much for the flyers anymore lol they have tainted any reputation for anyone that watches them. no one is coming to games (for the first time in our history) and covid doesnt really have much of an impact on that. no one wants to watch the flyers, they are old, bad, poorly managed, and they dont even have a real owner. dark times are ahead and we are already seeing them. this is very dramatic im sorry</div></div>

You couldn't have said this better, this team is abysmal to watch. I would add Farabee to the young guys new should keep. I agree with trading Coots if they can, but its doubtful at this point. I don't think Hayes will be THAT bad next year, this ab injury he has can set you back a full year, Giroux and Simmonds both had it. Now he's on his second surgery, they need to just sit him out the rest of the year and let him rest for next year, we aren't making the playoffs anyway.
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