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How would you arrange the lines?</div></div>

- Like I said at deadline, we should have moved Kahun + 2nd Rdr + whatever else needed to get a "real" top 6 guy... Instead of Sheary, Marleau, E-Rod
I would go....

But Imagine.....
59-87-Rakell/ Fiala/ Domi/ Palmieri/ LaBanc/ Kappy/ Trocheck/ Tatar (1 of them)

* That would be a Legit 4- Lines w/ a powerful Top 6 for a Stanley Cup
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 13 at 4:26
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AFOX10900</b></div><div>IDK about POJ, he looked just out of place in the beginning of the year, I haven't watched him much recently, imo, Poulin needs at least another year in juniors (well he doesn't need that... just required by the CHL i would assume, he really didn't need this yr) and a year in the A to get used to playing against people his own size and strength... and who can skate... and who have somewhat comparable skill levels... he's not getting any of that in juniors, he also had the BEST team in the CHL this yr to help him... Bellerive, maybe he's good, idk, he just never stood out to me like other guys in the A (Miletic, Noesen when he was there, Adam Johnson, Ago...) Hallander has been really good since coming back from all accounts I've heard, nothing to worry about there imo, only his transition to NA ice... Bjorkqvist just sucks rn, had a season ending injury, was not good in the A before then, probably lost some development with the injury, and had a somewhat uninspiring year at Providence last season... He'll need at least a full year in the A, if not more... then he'll just be getting too old to develop much farther...</div></div>

I pretty much agree w/ all u said but that is what GMJR said tho.... I really think he is planning on putting Poulin on 23 man roster next yr??
- Defensive D-men like POJ are tough to judge in AHL bc I remember thinking Harrington was going to be better than Dumo - LMAO, boy was I wrong.
- I kno Miletic has been good all year &amp; Bellerive has been really good since 20 or 25th game (maybe he is finally healthy?)
- I still think Bjorkqvist is going to be a very good bottom 6 guy in NHL but could take him 2yrs in A
- I havnt heard nothing about Hallander since leg.