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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheMooterus</b></div><div>Dallas declines. Would rather keep the 24-year old through the upcoming rebuild/retool than trade for a 30-year old that we'd likely trade away at some point during said rebuild/retool. The Stars are about to hit a phase where they have to get younger.

Losing Pavelski &amp; Radulov helps, but with guys like Bourque, Dellandrea, and Stankoven either NHL ready or within a couple years of being NHL ready, it would be much more beneficial for them to keep a younger, cost-controlled Gurianov than for them to trade for a 30-year old Rust that is honestly probably a middle-6 guy in Dallas.

Straight up skill-for-skill, right now Rust may have the edge on Gurianov (and I’m not 100% convinced of that), but look at who he's playing with. He is consistently playing with Crosby and Guentzel, which is a pretty good indication that his stats are inflated a bit. Gurianov's most frequent linemates? Jason Dickinson &amp; Jamie Benn. Get Gurianov linemates like Hintz, Robertson, Bourque, and Seguin (which all should be options at some point this season) and Gurianov's production goes up significantly. Even with the lacking linemates, he still already has a season where he led Dallas in goal scoring. Yeah, I don't see Dallas moving him in the kind of deal you have laid out here.</div></div>

I prob agree, Ive been trading for Gurianov since all DAL fans were calling him a Bust &amp; love the kid. IMO, he could be a legit superstar in right situation.