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What do you think?
Who can the Pens afford to get still in FA?</div></div>

We all wanted Pens to up grade at 3rd line &amp; at 3rd RHD spot &amp; I wanted a 1B Upgrade (bc of the compacted season &amp; how big it will be to have a 1B)


The Pens actually got worse on the 3rd line, didn't upgrade RHD spot, &amp; the only season we "Need" 2 goalies we have an AHL back-up Now??

IMO - This is now a fringe playoff team that if there is 1-injury to 87, 71, 58, or 35 for longer than 3-weeks === No way this team makes playoffs.

~ This looks like when the Pens went with McKegg / Sheahan at 3C -- So this means GMJR will make a huge trade for a 3C at deadline instead of fixing the obvious problem now????
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