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LA....why do they care? They aren't going anywhere they give up a 4th for a rental winger that doesn't really provide much during a rebuild. Given a 4th isn't a lot but it's basically giving up something for nothing.

FL.. I mean I'm not sure on the value here at this point. Lots of things to consider, player, injury history etc... but with two young goalies in the system that are supposedly high caliber like top 3 of their draft, I think it's hard to see them making a move on a goalie. Even if the belief is they need to develop. There isn't much reason to make a goalie move at the moment. It's not like DeSmith is awful, and they put their eggs in a basket with Jarry. For better or worse they are sticking with it.

wpg.. I kind of agree with MrHockey there. I mean ZAR and Jack are kind of a wash. Lowry for Ceci ....**** we don't even want to play Ceci. Why the hell would anyone else.
Everything there is just scraps. So if Lowry is viewed with any value I don't know if they take it. Only thing it does is clear a little cap space but that's gonna happen anyway next year for both teams as both are rentals. I think Lowry might actually be useful to a team. Ceci, is useless. We all knew that going in and yet for some reason here he is anyway.

I will say one thing. That Jack contract. Does the player even sign that? Would anyone even offer that to him. I mean ZAR got 1 million, he's about the same value wise on a player. This is the problem that WPG and Jack are having. He's just not worth all that much from what he's produced and it's hard to justify otherwise. I think no matter where he goes you are going to get the same problem.
An honest evaluation of this guy is that he got 15 minutes of ice time, way more than a 4th liner and yet had 12 goals and 29 points. That isn't exactly the kind of production you want to see from a 3rd liner.
That's what's called playing down the ladder. It's not like we are talking about a lot of excuses here either. He got almost 58% of his starts in the Ozone. So it's kind of like **** or get off the pot.