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May 20, 2016
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skeating622</b></div><div>A) I don't think NYR have any designs on trading him in the short term. If he was moved or asked to waive his NMC for a move at the earliest it would be 21/22 after all his SB money is paid out. his MNTC kicks in 24/25.
B) Trouba doesn't have sexy offensive numbers but he's getting the the tough assignments of the the other teams top offensive lines, he allows Fox to not get those assignments, especially at home &amp; thrive on the offensive side of the game. Against the CAP on the road who did Laviolette try to get OVI out against? Not Trouba. (this is not a knock on Fox but trying to show the overall value in a D core) Last season especially it allowed Fox &amp; DeAngelo to play more sheltered minutes &amp; focus on the offensive side of the game, heck those 2 barely played any minutes on the PK last year, &amp; now Fox is looking like the complete package but Trouba's presence in the lineup is a plus factor in that progression. Trouba is like having an excellent Left Guard in (American) Football. Not a lot of stats to track &amp; no fantasy value but you need one to win. Not saying he's played up to that contract, but the stats don't quite tell the entire story unless you watch this NYR team every night. He's also the leader of that very young D core.
Fact is, JT was getting 7 @ 7- 7.5 no matter where he ended up so, until the younger RD's (Shcheider/Lundkqvist) prove they can play in the TOP 4 &amp; PK &amp;PP, Trouba's more than likely not going anywhere.</div></div>

what a well thought out response.
i wasn't sure those existed on this site.
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