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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Opie</b></div><div>NJ give up assets? Nah, he's far from that bad. For 3.5 - 4.5 million per year, he's a valuable point on the PP and solid 2 RD. He's just not a $9 mil guy or number 1 anymore. NJ cant even let him go at any price right now, unless they find another RD to replace.</div></div>

50% is the max retention and he makes 9mm avv. Hes still not worth 4.5. million. he was one of the worst D in the league last year by many metrics, and the eye test/simple stats dont really refute that in any way. In fact, his GAR and WAR were so bad that, statistically, they could just about replace him with any other RD in the league and it would be an improvement. Hes also not valuable on the power play whatsoever. He was the 107th ranked defenceman in power play points/60 last year. Meaning every PP QB in the league, on both the #1 and #2, was more effective than him on the power play.

Teams are paying to get rid of much better players. Vegas was willing to give up either a 1st or second to move MA Fleury. They couldnt make a deal. Nate Schmidt is both better, younger, and cheaper defensman right now. He only cost a 3rd rounder. Tampa put tyler johnson on waivers and couldnt give him away for free.

Fitz would probably pass out from excitement if he could trade him and not give up any assets. There just isnt a need to do so, since they devils are in a good situation cap-wise.

I am sorry, but youre just incorrect. Unless he can miraculously turn his game around next year, everything you said will continue to be incorrect.
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