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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CMcAvoy73</b></div><div>Alright, well lets start with the very beginning.

There’s no reason to think that Sweeney isn’t going hunting for a big deal. He’s done it in the past, and it seems like this is a good year to do it again.

Then lets go to the emojis. You realize every time you use one of those laughing emoji things what you’re saying is, “since i can’t actually come up with anything funny, I’m going to tell you that this is supposed to be funny.” Try just being funny.

Debrusk staying in boston - good here. I agree. Lone bright spot.

Then you have “sween,” - puke - signing a couple depth D. Who are these guys that are still randomly free agents at this point in the year? NCAA guys? Are those really NHL depth immediately?

So then we have this random list of everyone getting moved to different places without much of an explanation as to why? Are you just showing where you think everyone is going? If so, cool i guess. Seems kind of, well, incoherent, or at the very least disorganized.

Then we have the needs. If debrusk is staying, why is an RW the apparent number one need, despite Debrusk, Pastrnak, and Smith playing that position? I get that you say he’s moved. But right before that you say you don’t think he’s moved. Know what that is? Incoherent.

Then how on earth does bertuzzi enter the conversation?

It kind of goes on and on from there, but you get the picture…..Middleton on the top pair…woof.</div></div>

Ok great, appreciate the feedback!!

I think sweeny gets outbid on big TDL targets is more of what I’m getting at, not that sweeny doesn’t have the balls to go after a big target

Emoji’s, lol that’s the most petty thing I’ve ever seen you complain about so not bothering

JD 👍

Sween- sorry missed a y there, fixed it! Thanks for proofreading

Signings, sorry your right, miss spoke there. Should of said acquires not sign, as I meant to trade for. So my bad on that

Trade targets list is list of where I think people are going, not getting into fit, cost, or as to why they would go there. Plenty of articles out there that already discuss these points. Incoherent not at all. Unorganized? Player moved on the right-Acquiring team on the left, want it in alphabetical order next time? I’m Not wasting whole bunch of time making it pretty. It’s quiet simple to understand player and where I think they’re going to end up.

RW is not the #1 need, it says right above it, “ in no particular order”. Pasta and smith are working where they are so not moving them off their lines. Don’t know how your so confused over this. IMO JD isn’t moved separate, now on to needs, hypothetically, if JD is moved RW is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Bertuzzi was newly added to DFO trade bait board this week, thought it was interesting topic so through it in there. Has played RW, is an upgrade over JD, and acquisition should be cheaper then some others, that’s all. Don’t see it happening personally. Again guessing JD stays put

Middleton is averaging 19mins TOI and stay home dman makes sense alongside Mac. He’s good at blocking shots and making hits. And also provides some good protection for Mac, who seems to being targeted a lot more this year. But other then that I guess could slide him down to play with Carlo and Grez back up top, also a solid option. And could see swapping them two based on who the match ups are, if it’s not a physical team or not targeting Mac then slide Middleton down the lineup but if it’s the opposite then throw him up top for a little bit to keep guys in check. That was my thought process anyways, not best option I’m sure, but viable one IMO. Again this is only cause i don’t think BOS acquires a true top 4 dman at TDL

Hope that helps make it not so incoherent
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