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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>Lots of great thoughts here.

To the original it in the best interest for the Hawks to make the playoffs this year?...

I personally don't think so, but I can understand the prospect development position and 100% respect that opinion. Truthfully, we'll see how things play out until Feb 24th. It's a month away and we play WPG x2, EDM, NSH, CGY, AZ, BOS, DAL, VAN, MIN etc... They're all quality teams...or teams CHI is going up against for a playoff spot. THIS is the make or break month, not March. So I hear what <a href="/users/ChiHawk" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@ChiHawk</a> is saying that the schedule gets easier in March, but for me...that doesn't cut it. If you're not in the playoffs by Feb 23rd...sell and sell hard. At the very least all the pending UFAs including Lehenr. (more below) I personally don't think it's reasonable to expect a team that's hot right now, to get even hotter. This is their best hockey so far this year and if you can't beat these teams by Feb 23rd...your <strong>very</strong> likely not going to beat them in a 7 game series. So that's why I say, I don't think so. BUT if we're in the playoffs come Feb 23rd. I can understand not selling.

Sell ALL the pending UFAs because we need to address the other items you guys bring up. A.) We need another difference making winger developing in our system. B.) We need trade chips incase we need to shed cap. C.) It's entirely possible we can still sign Lehner next year. He wants a fair price wherever he goes. CHI can still do that it, but refer to B because we might need to shed cap. D.) We can't afford Gus or Crow next year Their replacements are literally on the Chicago's NHL roster already. E.) See what you can get for Saad and make a judgement call. YES he's a quality hockey player, but the TDL is the time to sell and there's always the risk of decreasing your value by having an off year...cough cough Gus...

***EDIT*** I know this is getting a bit long winded, but IMO this situation sets up PERFECTLY. The team will decide whether they're true contenders or not. Stan doesn't even need to make bold moves. He's just going to let the situation play out and he'll react. If CHI has a losing record against those teams...they'll be further out of the playoffs than they are now. If they have a winning record...they'll likely be in. Oh and a lot of these games are on the road too! Likely on the road for any playoff hopes too.</div></div>

I think they'd be crazy to trade Lehner. If they have any shot at competing the next few years Lehner is a must resign. Crawford is old (for hockey) and one concussion away from retirement. If you don't resign Lehner you spend the next few seasons trying to find another Lehner. It makes no sense. The last thing you want to be is one of those teams that cycles through the talbots, elliotts, and berniers, of the nhl.

Get what you can for Gus even if they are in a playoff spot. With Boqvist on the roster you don't need Gus anymore.