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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SharkTank</b></div><div>Phil was never going to be a franchise player for any team. He was the perfect complimentary supporting star like Marian Hossa.

That's why Phil was a perfect fit in Pittsburgh. The perfect #3 guy to Sid and Geno. How good was that HBK line?

Brian Burke tried fast tracking the Leafs into Cup contenders. He tried building his team around Dion Phaneuf and Kessel. Phaneuf was similar to Phil. Not suited to be the #1 guy. But a perfect #2D.

I hated hearing Leafs fans piling on those 2 players all the time. They were just copying what the moron tv "experts" were telling them..

One time I heard a blowhard Leafs fan blathering on and on about Phil Kessel. I kid you not. This guy looked like a fatter version of Joe Bowen. They HAD to be related. Same voice. Same cadence.

Only I always liked Joe Bowen. This fat, obnoxious Doppelganger was annoying. He didn't have an original thought in his body. So he says to another Leafs fan "Phil Kessel will never win a Stanley Cup because Phil Kessel is all about me, me and me."

Well I had enough and yelled at the guy for a good 5 minutes. I told him to stop trying to look and sound like Joe Bowen. I told him how ridiculous he sounded. And I said there's nothing wrong with Phil Kessel. His job is to score goals. Does he score goals? Yes.

I then told him he'd win a Cup somewhere else. He just needed to get out of Toronto. I was wrong of course. Kessel has won 3 Cups since then.

Not I wish I could see that fat **** Doppelganger Joe Bowen now. All these clowns do is copy TSN and Sportsnet and shows like Overdrive and pretend it's their own takes.

Drives me up the wall! Sorry for the rant! 😁</div></div>

Fat couch potatoes who criticize pro athletes about their performances when they couldn't last 1 shift in the NHL themselves without getting destroyed are very annoying.
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