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As a Ranger fan, I certainly don't hate these deals. Now, as a realist, I don't see either the COL or STL deal going through. Newhook dropped pretty far for them and now it's really paying off. He's a point-per-game at BC and one of the top freshman in the NCAA. Sakic would have to getting quite a deal to part with him and unfortunately, the combination of two expiring contracts (no matter the player) and an aging goaltender is far from reaching Newhooks value. COL has some key contracts to sign this offseason, guys like Burakovsky, Graves, Zadorov, etc. Acquiring Strome and Kreider may just be rentals and losing two top end prospects for a few weeks of two top-six forwards just doesn't match up. In addition, Franouz has been a very good back up and Grubauer has been exceptional as of late. I doubt they part from that tandem, especially in a midseason trade.

As far as the Blues, losing Bo hurts, he leads the team in 5v5 minutes. However, they have options internally to replace him. Perunovich is close to being NHL ready and his college season will end before Playoffs. They also have Bortuzzo sitting in the ranks. Martinez, Vatanen, or Dillon would be a low-risk low-cost move, rather than acquiring a longer term contract. Wouldn't be great to have more cap committed to a D-man when they have Dunn and Pietrangelo in need of contracts this summer.

Fast trade is spot on though. 3rd round pick, maybe conditional, is his value. Wouldn't expect more or less. Not sure NSH does it though. Depends where they stand in the Central by the time the TDL comes around.
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