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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Honestly I haven't watched enough of Strome play but I'm just wary of a few things like him not fitting with Laine and Ehlers or if he doesn't want to sign long term with the Jets, like I'm with you that they need to make a move and somewhat "go for it" but I really don't know if Strome is the guy I'd deal the 1st round pick for, that being said that pick is probably a Jet at the earliest in the 21-22 season and I think it's seriously wishful thinking to think a 19 or 20 year old, 12-15th overall rookie will step in and be a 2C instantly so they really don't have that kind of time to waste.

Really though I think if they can get some just average production from the bottom 6 the 2C issue probably really isn't an issue if Little returns and is 100%, if Little is done they really have to do something cause Copp just isn't a top 6 forward imo and who knows what happens with Roslovic, should be easier to improve the bottom 6 then acquire a 2C.

Have said it before but I think Haula is the only realistic option even if he is more of a good 3C, I also think Ehlers and Laine could turn a half point center like Tierney into a 50 point player but many would **** on the idea of a guy like him being acquired cause he's not really a 2C but if we're being realistic do we really think Tampa doesn't figure out their cap crunch or that Cirelli signs an offer sheet with the Jets? That Calgary might blow it up and trade Monahan? That in division trades of centers like Johansen are going to happen? I just don't see it, guys like Haula and Tierney are the only realistic options, I'd love Danault but he isn't leaving home. I really wish the Jets would scout the **** out of Europe and find some guy to provide some center depth.

Yup Demelo is no Pietrangelo but he's WAY cheaper and his deal doesn't interfere with raises for Laine and Pionk.</div></div>

Yeah I think the solution to the 2C problem is finding the right player to centre Ehlers and Laine, not necessarily the most talented. Like hell even Eakin was successful in his limited time with them and he was a 4th liner for the majority of the season. We need someone who can grind and retrieve pucks, have some playmaking ability (more than Copp), and isn't horrible at defense. The 2C doesn't need to be a 1B, $6M centre, hell they can be some other team's 3C, just someone who can actually find chemistry cause it's not easy to play with those two.
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