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Stanley Glenn Bowman (born June 28, 1973) is the current vice president and general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. He is the son of Hockey Hall of Fame member, and current senior advisor for the Blackhawks, Scotty Bowman. (Parody Account)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Petrock83</b></div><div>Sorry, but I don't think that analogy is fully applicable. Nylander isn't some 'new car' we just drafted, he's a slightly used car we just drove off the CarMax lot thinking we can fix the problem with the engine, and then realized that it's missing a part that isn't made anymore. The analogy is getting more ridiculous, but what I'm trying to say is that we knew what Nylander's shortcomings were coming into this year, we thought we could fix whatever wasn't working for him, and clearly things just haven't worked out. Maybe we need to give it another year, sure, but I just do not believe that he will improve. He may be only 21, but this is his 4th season playing at least 1 game in the NHL. We would lose value from the Jokiharju trade by trading him now, yes, but, based on my belief about his skill and his future in the league, we will lose even more value the longer we wait to trade him.</div></div>

I disagree with your assessment of Nylander not being fixable, and I think he’s worked out well enough for us. Sure, he hasn’t been the offensive juggernaut that some people unfairly expected him to be... but it’s not like he’s been irredeemable on the ice. He has some defensive upside that he’s shown this season, and while I’m sure you would point to the two or three times he iced the puck by clearing before center he has been serviceable in the bottom six. The kid can play, and I think there is a lot left to be found out about his offense, when he is going, and he has been going the last couple games, he has been very good.

No one wants to even conceive of this thought, but would it be so bad if he was just a top nine, two way forward with scoring upside? I don’t think so, even if he doesn’t reach his ceiling he can still be a decent forward in the NHL.

Quick Edit, you saying he’s had 4 seasons of at least 1 NHL game doesn’t really do much for me. He hasn’t even has one full NHL season 82 GP in his career.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Roviet_Sussia</b></div><div>You've got to consider that Nylander was supposed to enter the team with an immediate impact (hence starting on the top line at the beginning of the season) and he hasn't really provided that. He's not going to get anything from going down to Rockford; that's part of the reason he wanted to get moved out of BUF and took a shot at their hockey club in the media.

If bailing on him now means acquiring someone like Ryan Strome, I'd do it. I'd argue that the Hawks might have to throw in another pick/prospect though; can't imagine NYR are shopping him hard considering what he's done for them.</div></div>

It seemed, at the start of the season at least, everyone was okay with him going down to Rockford and working with Anders Sorensen to find his game. So I’m not exactly sure where you get the notion that he was expected to be an immediate producer coming out of training camp. In fact I recall nothing except negativity surrounding his chances of making then NHL with many people citing his point production in the AHL (He never had a chance to get going for long before getting hurt) Sure, many people, myself included hoped that he would be ready for a top 6 role in the NHL. However the fact of the matter is that he isn’t ready for that opportunity and in a rare display of mismanagement (more like desperation) the Blackhawks gave Nylander, who had a good camp but not top line forward like camp, a role he neither deserved or was ready for. The Blackhawks needed a LW spot on the top line, and tried to force Nylander a first year NHL player (people forget that) to be a top line guy.

I haven't heard anything about Nylander trashing Buffalo, but if he did that hardly matters anyways.

I don’t see why people think it’s a good idea to move on from Nylander either, even if you get. *checks notes* Ryan Strome you are hemorrhaging value from the Joki for Nylander trade.

There’s a saying that when you buy a new car, as soon as you drive it off the lot it loses half it’s value. Sometimes when you drive a new car there are some kinks in it, and things you have to get used to or adjust for your liking. Now let’s say that in this analogy you panic and think there is something wrong with the car you have two options, sell it to the dealer for half value, or ride it out and hope it works itself out.

Now for obvious reasons you wouldn’t want to sell the car you just bought, especially when you realize you are losing a hefty amount of money in your investment.

Instead of trading in your car for half value, and paying even more money to get a new car, it’s seems only logical to keep the car you just bought, even if it has a few minor issues. You can fix these issues, and get the car running like you want it too if you take the proper steps and precautions.

Obviously in this analogy Nylander is the Car, and yea we're still taking about hockey here.

It just makes no sense to move on from Nylander when he is so young and you don’t know what you are getting back in Ryan Strome, who is vastly benefiting from Panarin…

Plus having to add a significant piece like a 2nd round pick for someone who Is having a career year? Count me out.

For the record, I think it’s fine for Nylander to use this year to learn, it only seems natural considering his situation. Bailing on him does nothing for us this year, and I do believe he is one of the Blackhawks best 12 forwards this season.

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