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Letang is properly recognized around the hockey world. He's also in a bit of a weird position given his age. It's really hard to call a 36 year old player, and soon to be 18 season NHL veteran underrated, especially the title of most underrated defenseman in the league. Hanifin I think has caught a lot of attention in the last 2 years, especially now with him being a top 5 player on CapFriendly's trade bait board among users. Sergachev is interesting. He got a lot of recognition after his break out season last year. I don't think his name is underrated, but moreso his game. A lot of people point to him making only $500k less than Makar, but not being as big of an offensive threat, or as dynamic. But I think there are a lot of people who don't really understand the full scope of Sergachev's game. While him improving offensively was a needed and huge step in his game, he's also very very solid defensively. He's a big body who lays it down, he blocks a ton of shots. He logs heavy minutes, playing top 4, powerplay and penalty kill time. His name is not underrated anymore I dont think, but his completeness as a defenseman is I think.

As for these three names, I would vote for Sergachev. But I don't think he's the most underrated in the league. Like the first user on this post said, Spurgeon is definitely near the top of the list. I think Adam Larsson is up there. Jake Walman after his season last year, I would put him up there. Gustav Forsling is also a very good pick for most underrated.
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