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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>Don't like it. Korpisalo is not a good goalie. Evan Rodrigues, we don't really have room for him. Zadorov, I know he can play both sides, much rather get an actual right shot right d, prefer defense first, no point paying a premium for a puck mover that we don't need. I thought boqvist was a good idea, then I realized that it wasn't jesper that we would be interested in, it's adam (again, we need right shot d, we don't need forwards unless a #1 center falls into our lap). The Sabres currently are 8th from the bottom- with all of the changes, it's probably still right there. The goalies are a huge question mark, the right d is still a question mark (there's some hope that dahlin and Bryson will excel on the right side, which would get us out of paying a ridiculous premium for a good right shot d), and without a #1 center I'm not sure how far we go. Last point, Fitzgerald isn't worth that much, probably a late round pick at best.</div></div>

Some of the signings were more of a getting more cap space used so there isn't a cap penalty against them. Not many strong RD free agents besides Klingberg and Manson and they will go to contenders. Jesper Boqvist will be a guy that could maybe grow and Rodrigues is a guy that can help the younger guys. Korpisalo isn't terrible just a really bad year for him but would be good in the backup roll for Ukko and he is young enough to not get worn out as a starter if Ukko gets hurt. Adam Boqvist is prolly an untouchable prospect from Columbus
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