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So I'm going to try to not be insulting in my reply to this ACGM.

I think that you have a bit of an over-inflated sense of the value on both Fox and Georgiev. The main reason I think your value is a little high on both these players is that neither of them are completely proven commodities yet. Proposed trades on here involving Georgiev seem to forget that we're only 60% of the way through his second full NHL season. That's a small sample size for any player and particularly so for a goalie. Georgiev is promising but not on the level that most NYR fans (and apparently the NYR management) think he is. FFS he's a career 0.913SV% and 3.02GAA that's not world-beating by any stretch. He should fetch you guys a late first/early 2nd and a B prospect. Similar problem with Fox, he's a rookie, he's having a great season don't get me wrong but that doesn't mean much. 50 games is a VERY small sample size. Also Fox has straight up refused to play for other teams he wants to be a NYR.

In this Leafs trade you're proposing to send the Leafs two good but not all star players.

Sandin I think has relatively equal value to Fox right now a highly touted rookie defender who is having a good season so far. I don't think the Leafs should trade Sandin but I'll admit a Sandin for Fox swap would be relatively fair on value. Now Nylander (inhales deeply) would be 2nd on the NYR in scoring if traded right now. Would most likely play top-line RW. A Bread Man, Z, Nylander line would be absolutely dirty so I get the want here. Nylander is also, for all the talk of his contract, on a pretty team-friendly contract. Of players on contracts worth 6.5-7.5mil (Nylander basically makes 7) he is 6th in PPG out of 30 players and is 3rd in points among the same group. He's on pace for 38 goals and 74 points and you're telling me he's worth Georgiev, really?

The value proposed in that Leafs trade is ludicrous.
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