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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Terry_AkiSauce</b></div><div>I understand the Bruins are giving up a decent chunk of their supporting cast in Debrusk, Carlo and Studnickas future with the team. Don't know Beecher that well but I'm assuming he's a solid prospect that would be a middle six/bottom six guy. Giving up a late first pick isn't the worst, not the same value as an earlier pick obviously.

Eichel is, by my accounts, the 6th best center in the NHL and will probably be a top 5 player at his position for a large chunk of his career (especially if he gets traded to a better team). I really don't know how Bruins fans are saying they would decline this as he would be the best forward on the team along with Pasta (pretty much in the same tier). Berg and Krecji are old and this gives them a centre with Boston connections that'd probably retire a Bruin.

I get that its a large payment but you'd be receiving a superstar for not even a star player but role players. Bruins can develop defense and their system allows dmen to exceed defensively anyways. Although Carlo could be a 1st pairing guy on some teams, he's 2nd pairing on Boston forever cause of mcavoy. So Boston is essentually giving up a 2nd pairing defenseman, 2nd line winger, middle six center prospect, beecher (whatever hes projected, as a recent late 1st round pick), a late first and a late 2nd in 2022.</div></div>

Pretty much sums up my thoughts.

I have never had a post with so much feedback on it before. It is crazy to see the drastically different opinions saying it is either a severe overpayment or severe underpayment.
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