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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sagecoll</b></div><div>It's weird to give Toffoli the benefit of the doubt but you don't give Namestnikov. Rangers had a pitiful offense. The dman Namestnikov spent the most time on the ice with was Marc Staal. Toffoli had Doughty. Namestnikov had Strome and Fast. Toffoli had Kempe and Carter. It's weird to make those sort of stances on one side but not the other. Again we're talking about a rebuilding team in Los Angeles trying to position themselves better for the future. They can flip Namestnikov anyway for a 2nd.

Smith being in the minors the season before last speaks to the coaches incompetency more than anything. As much as making Pionk and Staal the top pair for most of the season does. Florida has an analytics driven front office. I think they like the look of this when they realize they were 4th to last in goals given up last year. <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Screen-Shot-2019-05-22-at-12-09-58-PM"></a>

(if you can't understand the graph, Smith is the 3rd best dman in the league at preventing zone entries...)</div></div>

I think Toffoli is the better player and I don't see it happening personally, you see it differently and that's fair. If I'm LA, I'd rather just trade Toffoli for the package of picks/prospects rather than downgrade to Namestnikov and then try and flip him.

Those stats look fine and dandy but it doesn't change the fact that 2.85 Mil for a 3rd pairing guy is a lot, especially for a team with plans at taking runs at two of the top free agents this summer. Something that should be considered when evaluating that chart is, are his numbers improved because he played fewer games and limited minutes? Cause if you play him more to make him a top four guy and worth the money, maybe those numbers go down. If they stay roughly the same, you got a good cost effective player, if not, then it's trouble.

Gotta link for that chart? Would love to take a deeper look into it!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sagecoll</b></div><div>1) Performance wise Namestnikov and Toffoli are almost identical the past 2 years. (Toffoli putting up 34 pts and 47 the past 2 years, Namestnikov putting up 31 and 48). Ages are the same, Defensively comparable. The contracts are similar. The trade can almost be done straight up. But I let Los Angeles move up 2 whole rounds in the draft to the 2nd round. I think that's sufficient and that's why they'd do the deal.

2) Care for a more elaborate criticism of why Tallon and Q wouldn't take a midwest Dman with great shot suppression numbers onto a bad shot suppression team while also being able to clear out a 4th liner to make room for their top RW prospect?

3) On Vegas' end, the only cap that changes is they go up 800k switching from Miller to Ghost Bear. Basically, the notion goes you make the D worse if you just trade Miller for picks to stay under the cap. And considering how difficult it is to find a top line dman at under 5mil cap hit, I'm not sure Vegas could get that done without dismantling the NHL roster. This move allows them to improve the D without worsening the cap situation. They can easily flip Eakin/Haula/Reeves for picks to fund Karlsson/Gusev next year and still have their core. I don't think there's a better way around it.</div></div>

Namestnikov's best point production was alongside Kucherov and Stamkos so I think that skews it a bit. Same could be said about Toffoli playing alongside Carter or Kopitar I suppose but Toffoli has shown better production in later seasons. I think comparing it to last season is a poor example cause LA was terrible as a whole and Toffoli put up the lowest point totals in a full season since his rookie year whereas Namestnikov's points last year is what to expect from him regularly I think. To be fair, I did think Toffoli had better numbers in the past until I looked into it after your reply but I still think he is a better player and IMO I don't think LA would move him just to move up two rounds. In saying that, solely based on last year, yes, a 1 for 1 is plausible.

Smith was in the minors last season which speaks to his level of play and even with the retained salary, I think there would be better and cheaper options for Florida on the open market to fill out their bottom pairing. 2.85 for your bottom pairing guy who hasn't played more than 63 games in the last 4 seasons does not seem like a cost effective move to me.

After further thought, the Ghost trade would be solid. I did not realize he only had a 4.5 Mil contract so that is something that would be manageable.