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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>I would expect the conditional would have to be lower. The sharks really want a 1st. 100% they would agree if it was unconditional <a href="/users/TJTwolf" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@TJTwolf</a> maybe. 50% if it wasn’t.

Good discussion all.

It’s very interesting. I love Labanc I’ve raved about him since the colts days and how the sharks were lucky to get him.

I do believe it would suck to lose Labanc but this deal really is a great step forward for the Sharks culture of the retool and gives jumbo a legit chance to win a cup and helps Colorado even more so with Labanc and melker</div></div>

Just saying......the original was Kaut, Barberio, Annunen for Labanc, Thornton with retention and a 3rd.

Kaut, Kamenev, Barberio and a second (cond to 1st) for Labanc, Thornton with no retention, Marleau seems to be a much improved deal, no?

The way I'd look at it is you're moving two old veterans to give them a cup shot as a favour and getting back what you can for them, plus a pretty decent guy for a former first who is a solid prospect, a kid who may or not become a solid player (jury is still out on Kamenev, the injuries derailed him but he has the toolbox), a depth D and a second/cond.first. Avs get the veteran savvy for a one and done shot most likely, and of course Labanc as the centre-piece. Hell, Joe and Patrick could probably even re-sign again with the Sharks after lol.

Another option would be to switch out Barberio for a low-end fringe D with more years left like Lindholm, has some NHL experience, fits in the same kind of slot and RFA, so you've still got the option on him.
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