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Thread: LA Trade
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Thread: LA Trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Juiceman</b></div><div>Give me a list of "excuses" they have made. They were given a roster with bad defense, barely any good prospects, and pretty much no capspace. How much do you expect them to do in one offseason?</div></div>

Retired Rutherford critized the Canucks for having terrible defensive zone exits under Boudreau......which in reality was total garbage.....but set the expectation that he was going to make some improvements to the Canucks defence......which he has done nothing this offseason.......total joke.

Retired Rutherford from the moment he arrived......preached and told us how the Canucks need to create some capspace........and to date the Canucks are actually over the Cap and have made no moves to create more capspace....total joke.

Stand Pat Allvin and Retired Rutherford then failed to get JT Miller extended or traded this offseason.......Now they are playing Russian Roulette with JT Miller......one injury and they will blow their chance to move him and bring a quality younger player and draft choices and rebuild the team.........I would have thought retired Rutherford would have learned something by how Sakic made a bold move and traded off an older star to Nashville to rebuild the Avs.

The reality of the situation, is that the Canucks are a part time job for Retired Rutherford and he is commuting back and forth from his home in Carolina on the East Coast to Vancouver and is not fully invested in the team.
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Thread: LA Trade
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Thread: LA Trade
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