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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kyle_Okposo_Lover</b></div><div>Super weak RD free agency class IMO. Not worth it to overpay for someone like Severson. Id trade up and take Reinbacher. He is closer to NHL ready than most other guys IMO and he fits the timeline well.

Also Helleson is gonna be a very solid guy, so signing someone else would just block him. Anaheim isnt gonna be good next year imo. So just see what you got outta your younger guys</div></div>

Trade UP to take Reinbacher? Wouldn't that be trading down to ~10th?

Yeah, there's not a ton of RHD available, but if Verbeek can get a guy like Mayfield to come be Fowlers partner, even maybe Dumba (not the greatest defensively, but throws huge hits and is one mean customer, great in the room, really pumps the guys up, wouldn't be a bad signing). Helleson would be good, but I think giving him 1 more year to marinate in the AHL would be beneficial before calling him up to 3RD.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rob32sjsharks</b></div><div>what you guys need more than anything is 2 high level defensive D guys to help the goaltending out. you guys allow WAY to many high danger scoring chances and to me letting Shattenkirk and Klingberg go is a blessing. bulk up you D with fast strong stay home guys and in 1-2 you get a potential top pair offensive D coming up in Mintyukov that you swept out from under the sharks feet lol.</div></div>

100% agree, give me Graves and Mayfield. Consolation prize is pick up Reilly from Boston a-la Kulikov deal, and sign Dumba to a reasonable 3-4 year deal. I'm really struggling to think what defensive RHD would be available from a team for trade, maybe we can get Hakanpaa back from Dallas, but he is signed cheap, hard to think he will be a cap casualty. Connor Murphy maybe? Ristolainen's contract fits, but is Risto the answer? Maybe Cody Ceci from Edmonton? 2-4 years would be ideal for term left if we pick someone up.
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