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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MG1986</b></div><div>I think the Devils out pretty well. I really liked Nate Schnarr when I saw him in the OHL. Skates fairly well for a kid that's 6'3, good shot, decent hands. Reminds me a lot of Lawson Crouse, but less of the rough and tumble game. Kevin Bahl is also a solid pick up. None of these prospects, or Merkley, are going to be franchise-altering BUT, I could see each of these players making an impact on an NHL roster someday soon. The first round pick is obviously a gem to what will be quite a deep 1st round round draft this summer.</div></div>

Here's how I read the trade
-Bahl - potential 4/5 defender that's main calling card is being big. Minimal offensive upside. Sounds like he's mobile enough but he's not going to be a PP guy
-Schnarr - bottom 6 center with minimal offensive upside
-Merkley - the way he plays the game he has to be on a scoring line. He's boom or bust with boom being a middle 6 winger.
-1st rounder - maybe in the 23-25 range? yes it's a deep draft but the Devils scouting lately has been a little questionable and the player taken here is 3-4 years away
-conditional - another lottery ticket that won't be cashed in until next year. I'd guess it's a 2nd but another player that's a long ways away from making an impact if he does at all

Contrast all that with the Devils being perpetually rebuilding and it's not a good look. I think they would have been better targeting a developed prospect or more picks in this draft than fixating on getting a 1st. Kinda seems like they wanted quantity over quality
Forum: Armchair-GMDec 4, 2019 at 12:40
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyguy77</b></div><div>Hall has 22 points in 27 games on a team that is horrible right now. He would do way better on any playoff team. Since when is 22 points in 27 games bad anyway? It is turning into a bidding game and if you think the highest bidder won't be offering a 1st round pick you are incredibly incompetent.</div></div>

I'm incompetent because I can look at past deals rather than just jump to a conclusion? Nice to see you have to result to insults to try and make a point. Get over yourself

22 in 27 points is not a point per game which is usually considered (perhaps arbitrarily) as a cutoff for elite talent. As stated above, Hall is ranked 403 out of 460 forwards in the league for Goals above replacement. Saying he'd do better on a better team is completely losing sight of things. If Hall is such an elite player than he should be able to produce like one in all situations rather than looking like a sub replacement level forward who's getting their points based on ice time and favorable deployment.

Also, Corey Masisak The Athletic looked at 5 in season trades (Stone, Duchene, Staal, Gaborik and Kovalchuk) to come up with a realistic return for Hall. Duchene and Kovalchuk were the only two that included 1st round picks. I tend to value centers (especially a 1/1A like Duchene) over wingers and the Kovalchuk trade was almost 10 years ago. Stone and Gaborik were both top tier wingers moved in deals that did not include 1st round picks.

So just to clarify, I'm "incredibly incompetent" for paying attention to past deals and coming up with a projection of what I think is likely rather than just spouting out crap about a 1st round pick being the only way a trade gets done? It's also pretty clear you don't know anything about pick value, they drop off immensely after the top 20. Arguing for a high 20 first instead of a mid 40-50 and a good prospect is a gross misuse of assets
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