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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Might need to look at Abby's contract again before you say that though. I can't fathom a trade like the one you've shown above for a 4.6M till 22-23, 31 year old winger who has a NTC and is fitting less and less in the new NHL style game. Sure he brings intangibles and teams still need it but it can be had for far less what Abdelkader is getting. Not to mention that what you say Colorado needs can be acquired at the TDL for a pending UFA at a fraction of the cost and no long term contract to worry about.

I feel the Nyquist trade may be a bit high but I can see a team paying a first for him but it wont be a team that is would be just barely making the playoffs like Edmonton. it'll be a team that feels they are a contender and want to bolster their offense. Similar to what Vegas did with Tatar last year. (And we all know how that turned out but that is besides the point)

Vanek for a 3rd is probably the most accurate and totally believable. Although Vanek has a NTC so he could very well like to spend an entire year with a team for a change and not be another TDL acquisition like the past 3 years. Guys life has been in constant flux ever since being bought out by Minny.</div></div>

I was looking through possible playoff teams this year and the oilers kinda made sense. Having a scoring fwd to play with Drais could be lethal. Its still a longshot but I could see teams overpaying at the deadline...
Abdelkader: I agree with your point too. But I know some teams are willing to pay a hefty price for him. Col I thought made since due to the young superstars and the cap space.
Forum: Detroit Red WingsNov 21, 2018 at 2:24
Frk?-ehn?-de la rose?-abdelkader?-Kakko?


Spencer knight?
Keith petrozelli
johnathan bernier?

The Red wings will need to acquire at least 1 RHD and one goalie via the 2019, 2020, or 2021 free agency or via trade. —-Edit: Possible goalies I could see them trading for; Mikko Kostkanin, Daniel Vladar, Darcy Kuemper

4th lines change so frequently on NHL, you never know what that’s going to be in years to come..

Prospect pool:
Ive seen many rumors leaning towards the Red Wings picking multiple goalies in the 2019 NHL entry draft. The most promising being Spencer knight of the US U18 team, who is looking to possibly even sneak into the 1st round. I cound also see them taking Dustin Wolf who is currently playing with the Everett Silvertips of the Western hockey league.

When it comes to forwards, I see Kappo Kakko as a prime draft target for the wings. A euro forward that can score and has a decent sized frame? Gold in my book. He is even been compared to Patrik Laine.
Another forward I wouldn’t mind them taking In 2019 is Peyton Krebs. He is a smaller player than Kakko, only standing at 5’11 but has a great work ethic;

(Krebs) plays with determination and passion … exciting player … puck follows him on the ice … accurate wrist shot … always in motion … dynamic play, ISS Hockey 2017

?=questionable future (current roster players) (not yet drafted)