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Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mattys_stache</b></div><div>1.Yes, exactly. Why would you sign Jack Johnson knowing that there are probably 30-35 better options available in FA, alone?
2. Jack Campbell is 30 years old - correct. The market will dictate what he gets on his next deal, and since there are not many FA goalies available, he will get $20M+ on his next deal. I agree that $4.25M x 4 years is "fair" - however, there will always be a team (like EDM) who will offer him more. Campbell's agent will not settle for less than $20M on his next deal, regardless of how you spread out the dollars and length. Please look at any and all recent goaltender signings in the NHL and tell me why his agent would settle for less. $20M will be the minimum he gets on his next deal, and that's a guarantee.
3. JT Miller is not a "100 point player". He scored 99 points in 2021-22, which we can definitely round up to 100 points, however, he averages between 40-50 points per season (two 60+ point seasons in his career including 2021-22). To say he is a 100 point player is extremely misleading, and factually inaccurate.
4. Saying that the Donskoi trade is "a lot" is a major understatement. He is not a top-6 player on TOR.
5. Mrazek would have to agree to being 'injured' and the league may very well look into it if they get a sense that it's illegitimate. You can't simply put any player on LTIR to get rid of their cap hit (you can easily find 10 examples of current players who are playing despite low quality performances and high cap hits - if it was this easy to use LTIR, there would be no bad contracts in the league). Also, easier said-than-done when it comes to trading Mrazek's contract. It is possible, though (you can see an example on the team I recently published).</div></div>

Horrible takes left and right here, welcome to the site. You should work for an NHL team
Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mattys_stache</b></div><div>1. Jack Johnson? Why? I don't think he is needed on this team given his sub-optimal defensive metrics and capabilities at his age.
2. Highly doubt Campbell signs for less than 5 years. Only way he takes 4 years is if it's an AAV of $5M. I'm guessing he will look for a $20M contract.
3. Nylander trade seems like a major overpayment from the Leafs for only 1 year of JT Miller. My guess is it would be Miller plus Boeser coming back in that trade. Nylander is a top line winger on any team and is THE star player on probably 15-18 teams.
4. Don't think Donskoi is worth it when giving up Robertson, who is currently the Leafs closest prospect to seeing a full-time roster spot.
5. Why is Mrazek on LTIR? He's not currently injured, so at the very least he is in the minors and his cap hit is still north of $2.5M, I believe.</div></div>

Imagine having a problem with Jack Johnson being signed to a minimum contract and a scratch, insert any 7th dman you want.
Any team that pays 30 year old Jack Campbell $5M or gives him 5 years is a bottom feeder with a stupid GM. 4x4.25 is a very fair deal for Jack.
JT Miller is a 100 point player who works hard and has an edge, don't need to say anything else on that.
I'll admit the Donskoi trade is a lot, just don't see Robertson fitting in the top 6 on this team especially with the Miller acquisition so he's likely to be traded in any sort of offseason like this.
Mrazek has had how many hip injuries and surgeries and missed significant time? If Leafs want to LTIR him they could probably do it, if not chuck him with a pick to the team that wants the lowest pick to take him on/buy him out.
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