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Just easier to @ all of you.

Perrault is simply there because:

- Teams rarely ever make trades for high priced players without some cap coming out.
- The french factor looks good on MB and the franco fan base.
- Losing Domi means needing a live body that has experience to at least help replace his time on the roster.
- Habs have oodles of cap space so adding 4M Perreault for one single year is not a big deal.
- If he plays well but habs don't make the playoffs, they get another player to flip at the TDL for a pick. (See Scandella)
- Plays all forward positions. Habs could always use depth. Or is playing Weise acceptable to you?
- Also if I trade Domi i want him out of conference and WPG makes a lot of sense for them and us.

I don't like Perreault. I don't want Perreault. The only reason he is here is that he checks all the boxes of the Habs.

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I prefer this trade to Philly for Ghost and Ratcliffe becuase Domi on the Flyers is going to haunt the Habs for a long time and Habs need to build for the future. Adding Ghost means they want to try and be good now which I DONT want them to think. IMO.

<a href="/users/pinslack" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@pinslack</a>
I don't want to do what MB wants because that means failing lol so Im giving my interpretation of what would happen if I could whisper in his ear my advice. :awesome

<a href="/users/IVTEJ09" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@IVTEJ09</a>
I agree, If the goal is try and get Ghost, I would prefer to trade Drouin. That is a better comparable. Domi should bring back a much better package than Ghost IMO.</div></div>

I could see Perreault becoming (maybe to a lesser extent) a version of Tatar. A change of scenery with a different role can really help players find their game.

And like you say, a 1-year commitment is a none issue. Very low risk. Worst case, you get rid of him before the 2021/22 season