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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>I like the idea of bringing Armia back but not for the price of a 2nd. just bring Tanev back.

Also Comrie is not Waiver exempt next year so either him or Brossiot are traded (I kept comrie because he has more upside)

I also do not think Brossiot will regress (unless traded to a defensively porous team). If anything he might even get better. He is growing a style that will do him well.</div></div>

I think anytime you go from being a top 10 goalie in per game stats for the majority of the season straight out of the blue, you should expect regression. That's not a knock on Brossoit, that's just the trend that most goalies that aren't franchise talents have shown.

As for Tanev, he is good with Lowry in the bottom 6, but it ties Lowry down to a 4th line shutdown centre. Last year Lowry was 6th on the team in scoring per ice time. Think about all the offense the Jets had on that team and Lowry was outproducing most of everyone. Now he regressed this year, but I'm at least intrigued to see what Lowry could do with some skilled line-mates. Producing on a level, similar to Little, isn't terribly unrealistic. Armia, Copp, Appleton, Roslovic, and Little have all shown that they are flexible through the lineup and can play with different linemates and not drop off too much. (Except for Laine and Little.) Getting rid of Tanev makes the bottom six much, much more flexible and an extra .5K for Armia is completely worth it imo.

I am pretty ambivalent about trading a 2nd for Army. As of this moment we have one of the youngest rosters in the NHL. We have a stud defensive prospect in Samberg who is allegedly signing with us this summer, and the 1st round pick from the Sharks to pick up a RHD or another center. The only thing I'd actually use the 2nd for if we didn't use to get a player like Armia, is to trade up higher in the draft if possible.
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