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Thread: No Rentals
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>I am in Ehlers withdrawal, he's hands down the most exciting player to watch in the Jets.
I'd take Connor over Stone any day of the week. They should be looking to add more speedy players not subtract them. Look at Montreal, they turned their team into a fast club and they're tough to play against cause of that speed. The Jets on the other hand look slow, lumbering and can't get the puck out of their zone, Stone isn't gonna help with that but a smart puck moving defenseman would.</div></div>

I agree with you there. Ehlers is my 2nd favorite Jet.

Outside of that we're going to disagree. Stone is excellent at getting the puck out of the zone and holding it in the offensive zone. CF% is essentially an approximation what region of the ice he spends his time active in. Stone dominates this statistic. Connor does not. There's definitely merit to keeping Connor around, his two-way game is not one of those merits. If Connor is good at using his speed to get pucks out of the zone, and speed is that important of a factor, then then why does every line he plays on give up more chances than Stone's does? Stone certainly doesn't play for a better team, or on a better line, and he certainly doesn't play against easier assignments.

Montreal is good, and as a GM it's good to nail down an identity for the purposes of making sure your players gel well. But it's more important to take the best players' available when they become available and then build from there.
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Thread: No Rentals
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Thread: No Rentals
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Thread: No Rentals
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Thread: No Rentals
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Johnny O played way more then 15 minutes a night when he won cups with Chicago.
Trouba isn't worth $8 million, he just isn't and if they sign him to that then they're screwed. Also if you pay Trouba that much then what's Morrissey get, $9? Cause to me Morrissey is by far the Jets best defenseman.
Trouba isn't worth $8 and Myers isn't gonna be worth whatever increase he gets and being in his very late 20's he needs to go. The cap savings need to be found somewhere and those two are where the savings should be found.
I agree having Chairot in the top 4 isn't ideal but the coach refuses to play Niku so it's the way it is, Chevy needs to do something to either improve the roster for the long term and get someone with term or replace the coach with someone who will use the better players he's been provided.
Gustafsson would actually be the perfect addition, he's very mobile and if they can lock him up his increase will probably take him in the $4-5 million range which is the perfect amount to be paying a defenseman, wonder what it'd take to pry him out of Chicago. Beaulieu would come pretty cheap, could be had for a 3rd or 4th round pick easily. The Jets would be wise to go bargain shopping for an improvement over Chairot, it's too bad there hasn't been any Morrow with Buff this season cause he could maybe get it done for now and he looked good in the playoffs with Buff.</div></div>

You're right. I looked up said stats and Johnny O played a shade under 20. That being said his defense had Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, Leddy, Stanton, and Roszival all at some point. If Oduya is playing good minutes with that defense, then he was probably earning them.

Morrissey isn't getting 9 because there is nothing about his resume that says he is as good as Trouba. Trouba made the NHL at a younger age, has had a longer career, has put up better numbers, and earlier in his career did it with a d-partner who was an absolute anchor. On a tangent I would actually agree with you, but it's pretty hard for subjectivity to win out in negotiations.

Our cap savings should and probably will come in the form of trading contracts that aren't quite that valuable. We traded Mason last year, no reason we can't do it again. If anything we should be able to do it more efficiently. Perreault is by no means a cap dump, and Kulikov can at least contribute to whoever he gets sent to.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 3:06 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>I think you're underestimating those three considerably. Is paying Trouba $8 million gonna 'keep the window open? No itll close it pretty quick. Jets fans laughed at Oduya when he was here then he won 2 cups in Chicago. You're forgetting Hainsey was top pairing in the Pens 2016 cup, Ron Hainsey seriously is terrible and was terrible then. I'd be happy if they spent resources (of mostly futures not on the roster) for a defensive upgrade for a guy with term like say Lindholm for example cause that'll allow trading Trouba that much easier but spending resources for a rental like Stone will make me throw up in my mouth.
Even if they can sign Stone somehow it'll be a waste, they're bigger needs are on defense or at center.</div></div>

Oduya played about 15min a night. I am more than alright with guys of that caliber playing those minutes for us if they're used properly. Hainsey played 8 regular season games for the Penguins and 25 for them in the playoffs. Hainsey is an outlier. You can tell he is an outlier because he made it to top pairing because of an injury, and finished the playoffs with a 43% shot-share. Betting on winning with Hainsey and winning is straight up luck. If we're building teams here, I'd rather not plan on needing that much luck to win.

Paying Trouba 8mill, is absolutely worth it. The guy absolutely ranges from very good to dominant consistently since he joined the Jets. He absolutely earns his money. Now if he doesn't want to sign long term for that, then I can absolutely humor trading him, but then we go out and resign Myers, because Myers is also decent at what he does in a top 4 role. Chiarot ranges from passable to tire-fire depending on whether Byfuglien is carrying him or not. Now to Chiarot's credit, he is trending upwards through the last two years, but that is pretty marginal considering the jump in role he's playing from the last couple years to this year. Morrissey, Trouba, and Byfuglien are great, nothing bad to say about them, but you're still asking the Jets to carry close to 20 minutes of Chiarot a night, and betting on him is an almost Hainsey level of gamble.

Lindholm would be awesome. Unlikely, but still really great to imagine. But on a more realistic note, I would love Erik Gustafsson. That guy would be the perfect fit for our playoff run and for next year given his contract and that he can absolutely bump Chiarot (and Niku next year) down to 3rd pairing. Beaulieu from the sabres would be nice too, but Gustafsson would be muy bueno.
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