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Forum: Armchair-GMJun. 11, 2021 at 5:12 p.m.
Thread: IDK anymore
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>uphere</b></div><div>How about Kassian + 2022 2nd round pick for Buchnevich + 2021 3rd round pick?

I'm not going to try and argue that these two players are comparable, this trade only makes sense because the players involved have glaring flaws yet provide elements that the receiving teams need.

Obviously Kassian is one of the few enforcer types left in the NHL, and he is one of even fewer who may be available to the Rangers. He's overpaid for the role, but he does have a demonstrated record of success when playing with elite talent, he has been a penalty killer, agitates the opposition and holds them to account, fore checks and hits hard, seems to ramp up his game in the playoffs, endears himself to fans, and is quite capable of scoring 10 goals per season.

Buchnevich offers eye-popping offensive talent and would certainly be one of the top 3 forwards in Edmonton. If he can score 20 for the Rangers, what is possible for him playing beside McDavid and/or Draisaitl? Still, Edmonton doesn't really need more offense from its top-6, especially if it comes at the expense of a full-team commitment to a 200-foot game. Can Buchnevich commit to that kind of game? Acquiring Buchnevich will come with a pretty healthy bump in salary commitments too, he was paid more than Kassian last season and his 20-goal performance is going to command a healthy raise with his new contract.

The odds of Holland trading away his 2021 1st round pick seem slim. He may be more inclined to trade a 2022 pick. For that reason, I suggest the 2022 2nd round pick, which may actually provide more certainty than the 2021 19th overall pick given the challenges the junior leagues had and subsequent reduction of exposure to scouts. To balance the trade, I suggest the Rangers send their 2021 3rd round pick, instead of their 2022 3rd round pick. I suspect the 2021 3rd round selection will be a lot like playing darts while wearing a blindfold, and its value is less than next year's pick.</div></div>

Just to let you know that Buchenvich is actually already playing on our penalty kill and is also pretty good defensively