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Forum: Armchair-GMAug 13 at 11:50
Thread: Scandella
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Thread: Scandella
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Thread: Tarasenko
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Salzy</b></div><div>Gonna have to agree to disagree here, I don’t think it’s realistic or rational for the Ducks to even consider it. I’d rather have a 4th round lottery ticket than Scandella keeping Mahura/Guhle/Thurn/Lacombe blocked for 3!!!!! Seasons. Even if Steel never becomes more than a 3C the Ducks lose this trade now and in the future.

Even if Steel doesn’t take that step Scandella is one of the last players that should be on ANAs radar. Makes no sense to me even in the slightest</div></div>

Who says Scandella will block any of those players? This could very well be the last season of Lindholm and Manson and it's not like we're high on the list for veteran d-men to sign here in case they walk or get traded. And who's to say Shattenkirk is here beyond next season? The way I look at it, we need a legit LHD and we don't have a guy in our system I feel comfortable with taking that role. I've seen enough out of Larsson, Guhle and Mahura. Scandella is better than all three of them and doesn't make a ton of money. If he had one less year on his deal I would be banging on Murph's door to make this happen right now. I'm excited about the prospect of Thrun and Lacombe but they aren't even signed and will undoubtable require at least one full year in San Diego, if not more, so there's really no threat to blocking them with this move. No more than holding onto Larsson would.

Let me ask you this: do you think the Ducks would be better in 21-22 with Larsson or Scandella? Also, do you want them to be better? I want them to win but also to keep an eye on the future. Murph could make a ton of moves right now to ship out a bunch of young guys to load up on vets to try to make an on-paper playoff team or he can stand pat and have re-signing Getzy be his only move with on eye on absolutely sucking again. I don't him to do either (which isn't to say Scandella would be the difference between absolutely sucking and being competitive, but it would definitely moves things towards the latter).

Larsson and Steel were first round picks and they have absolutely stagnated. Steel and Lundestrom are redundant and we simply need a better option at LHD3. I think it's critical that Murph recoup some value for those two first rounders and made some attempt at shoring up our D. I think this deal can achieve that.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 11 at 1:01
Thread: Scandella
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>1- At the very least, Larsson should be considered 1.2M they'd have to pay and/or account for on the cap. As such, I noted that adding Larsson subtracts from the offer, which is obviously true. He's wretched and all the Ducks fans here are saying he's pure trash. Larsson would be of no good use whatsoever, and would have been of no good use last season.

2- Steel is nearly 24 now, he is no longer a prospect. He's just a average-to-subpar 3C who is small and bordering on slow. And has one ELC year left, not a great boon or anything.

3- Scandella has strength, skates well and stands up the line. He moves the puck reasonably safely and understands the system already. Cap hit or not, he's obviously useful and it's not hard to see.

4- The cap flexibility is a good thing, but would have been far more useful a few weeks ago. It does absolutely nothing to help us actually win games now (or, quite possibly, in the future). This is not how the team operates. If there was another squad strengthening move to run behind it, sure. As is, I'd definitely find a better solution. This is not the only way to gain some cap flexibility.</div></div>

Would throwing in a pick or even another depth d-man sweeten the pot? I feel like there's a deal to be made here. Also, I feel like your underestimating Steel a bit. I think, as Ducks fans, our expectations went a little crazy after his post-draft year in the Dub when he put up insane numbers so seeing his progression being where it is has felt underwhelming. But he's a good player and I think he might even flourish in another system. I fear he realizes his true potential with another team a la William Karlsson but I'm willing to risk that to maximize his value now instead of watching him run into the ground the someone like Peter Holland did (a player, thankfully, Bob Murray knew to get good value back before it was too late).
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 10 at 4:38
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lenny7</b></div><div>" I understand there's value in keeping guys like Lindholm but teams that full on tear down rather than do a half ass rebuild always come out better."

Ask Buffalo about that...From 2013-2018, the Sabres drafted Dahlin, Mittlestadt, Nylander, Eichel, Reinhart, Ristolainen, all within the first 8 picks of the draft. Add to that Cozens, Quinn and Power. You can throw the Coyotes into a similar boat, but they've also managed to f*ck themselves a bunch of other times. The Devils have been rebuilding since 2012, with 1 playoff appearance, and a whole lot of early 1st round picks to show for it (They'll be better this year though!).

Are there teams that come out better? Absolutely. But people seem to forget that there's very little guarantee that ripping everything apart will somehow magically guarantee that you're back to being a contender in a few years.

I don't think your opinion is at all unpopular...Should they have made a bigger push to move Manson/Rakell? Yeah, of course...but if the return wasn't there, there's not a ton of point in just moving them to move them, right? Honestly, someone at the deadline probably gives up a Foligno haul for Rakell if he's anywhere close to be decent. Put him with Zegras and Comtois and rak (see what I did there?) him up some points. Manson? I have a hard time believing that Winnipeg had their 1st on the table. Looking at the Risto return in Buffalo-If there was anything close to that, then it was a huge bogey, but yeah, I don't see it. Maybe something this deadline, maybe not. If it's not there though, don't force it! Manson will eat the tough minutes that ease Drysdale into the lineup, since Anaheim kind of put themselves into a situation where they either have to play him or send him back to the OHL (Which wouldn't make a ton of sense).

I don't know...if the deals were there then the team absolutely should have thought long and hard about them, I just don't really think they were anywhere close. With Eakins' $hit system sucking the life out of the offence, and making the team look like they're playing zone D in their own end, everybody's trade value was blown apart after last year.</div></div>
I'd go a bit further, totally tear downs never work. Ever. You laid out excellent examples as to why it's so perilous to go that route. So many people just look at a bad team that has been struggling for several seasons and automatically go, "Oof, they suck. Blow up the team!" As if that that's a tried-and-true method for success when it's demonstrably not.

Yes, this team sucks. Yes, we're probably going to suck again (though more moves are coming, there's no way we're keeping all three of Steel, Lundestrom and Larsson. Maybe throw Guhle in there too) but we still need to ice a team that LOOKS like they're trying to get better. And we really should be this bad. We have a decent amount of talent and AT SOME POINT these young players, not named Comtois, SHOULD finally ascend into the players we drafted them to be. I feel like I've said this each summer for the last four years, but if we can stay healthy and turn Steel, Larsson and a pick into a quality d-man, this team should be competitive.

At the very least, we're no in rush to ship off guys like Lindholm, Manson and Rakell just for futures. Because we're either going to actually be pretty good this year and we'll need them or we'll suck again, which is what we'll do if we trade them away now so why not hold onto them until at least the deadline? If this team was going to get blown up it would have happened two weeks ago. There's still a tweak or two to go (or at least there better be Murph. we have way too many first rounders populating our bottom-6, trade some of them and get some effing value for them!) but this is our squad.
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Thread: Carter
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Thread: Carter
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 19 at 2:28
Thread: hmmm
I actually think this is the direction we should take this summer. I don't think we will but I say actually try to add some effing talent with the cap space we can accumulate. I wouldn't move Cam, I'd rather try to move Silvy to free up that money. But Murph can free up some cap space I say absolutely go after guys like Hall and Landeskog (I prefer Nugent-Hopkins for that center spot). Comtois-Zegras-Terry should make a great second line next year. Hall-RNH-Rakell could be a killer first line. I want to believe we can fashion a quality third line out of Volkov, Steel, Lundestrom, Jones and a healthy Milano but that's a big ask. Grant and De-lo are as dependable fourth-liners as you can ask for, though I'm sure the pre-adolescents around here will disagree. Honestly, what harm is there in subtracting Rico, Silvy and potentially Shatty and replacing them with quality free agents? That wouldn't change anything about building for the future since whatever kids we're going to pick up won't be ready until these players' contract are at least halfway towards competition.

But as others have pointed out this won't happen because free agents don't sign here. This this assumption that Murray simply doesn't go after free agents but there's no way that's true. The probable truth is free agents simply don't want to come here. Be it the high state taxes, the relatively non-existent fanbase, the cost of living in Orange County, the state of the team itself, the crappy ice at Honda Center, who knows? But they don't, that's for sure. I'd love for the Samueli's to give Bob the green light to overpay to get them, especially if it's on shorter terms. I'm not holding my breath though.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 14 at 2:41
Thread: Rebuild
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 12 at 1:17
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 29 at 5:44
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 21 at 12:05
Thread: Rebuilding
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jah1722</b></div><div>They’re rebuilding. Stralman isn’t brought in as the final piece to a Stanley cup contender. I have no idea how you think turning Manson, Steel and a 3rd into Lindblom and a 1st plus whatever Stralman brings at the TDL half retained is bad.

Derek Grant this season has been one of the worst players in the league. Backes has actually been okay. I’m sorry that the Elite1C is no longer but he’s bad. Your so caught up on Backes like it actually matters who the 4C is as long as Grant is in the press box it’s probly an upgrade.</div></div>

Okay? Backes has only played 13 games because he's not good enough to be a regular on THIS TEAM. My god, the Bruins couldn't give him away. They had to add a first round pick for us to take him off their hands they wanted him gone so badly. (unless you think they really valued Kase that much) He was a cap dump to get assets and I'm fine with that. But why would we bring him back in favor of Grant when we could do that right now? Backes is currently on the taxi squad and Grant is in the lineup. How does that make sense? And yeah, we're talking about fourth line centers here. Grant doesn't light the world on fire but he's good at what he does, and clearly the coaching staff thinks that way too. It's just that Backes is way past his expiration date. The funniest part is this all completely moot because Backes has probably played his last hockey game of his career or at least he will if they bring him up for one last hurrah. But no, he's been awful save for a couple of games where he was alright. Again, taxi squad. All season. For a reason. On one of the worst teams in the league.

But back to the argument at hand, those moves simply don't make us better. Manson is better than Stralman. Steel and Lindbolm are basically the same, maybe even a downgrade considering Steel plays a more important position, is cheaper and a little bit younger. A late first is marginally better than a third round pick. We don't save any money and we only net a slightly better pick. How does that help us rebuild?
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 20 at 7:51
Thread: Rebuilding
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 20 at 4:05
Thread: Rebuilding