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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>Kerfoot isn't a massive upgrade, he's still the better player but hes stats are padded from playing wing with MacKinnon. He got something like 10 or 12 points in the last 18 games. Hes a decent player but away from the big 3 he was pretty mediocre offensively, especially in the playoffs. If Kerfoot can pad his stats with Mack, its not out of the question to think that Bura will being on Macks or even Kadris wing, both massive upgrades over I think Eller who was his most common C all last year.

Brassard was a lost cause last year, he was barely able to stay a float and giving 4th line impact....he needs to bounce back this year or else hes going to be in the KHL. , Donskoi is leaps and bounds better than Brassard was last year.

Inexperience D? Makar is the only one that will be a rookie next year and we all saw what he was able to do in the playoffs with Girard, they were electric and leaned on heavily. So hes not going to know what to do now in the Regular season? I dont get this point, they are now inexperienced bc they added Makar over Barrie? Girard, Zads, Johnson, Connauton, and Cole once he is back....its just Makar who has limited experience.</div></div>

I will give you that I was wrong to say inexperienced D.

I never said losing Kerfoot was a massive downgrade*. Just that he is better. Only 7 of his 42 points last season are tied to Mack. So idk how Mack padded his stats?? I’m actually a big fan of Burakovsky. If he plays with Mack he will produce a lot.

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Brassard was at a loss last year. That’s why I gave Donskoi the upgrade vote. But IMO Donskoi did not look very good last year. Depending on who he plays with, it can be hit or miss.

I mean overall their additions and subtractions are pretty close. And with that, I think their hype is too much. They will make playoffs, but too much hype.