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Thread: Colliton
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>I’ll be honest, I took this the same way you did. Rebuilding and developing wise. However, I do have to question how well he has actually developed any players. Who has he left a mark on exactly? Dach? Not really, hawks didn’t even have to develop him. Boqvist? Eh, I can see maybe from the defensive side but offensively it kind of feels like Colliton is stifling him. Nylander? I mean, nope.

As I said, I thought the same way you did. However, as I look at it closer, I just don’t know if I believe he’s that great of a developer. Then again, neither is the entire organization really. On the off chance he does develop them, though, they will be more or less Colliton style players right? Does that exactly set them up to be successful with an actual winning coach?</div></div>

I’m not sure how much Colliton has impacted development. Dach is a 3rd overall pick, he was going to be good regardless. Did he mature faster than expected? Yeah probably but why would Colliton get credit for that. Boqvist probably needed a year in the AHL so that’s iffy. I don’t think he deserves credit for Kubalik. He was already great. I’m actually pissed it took Colliton so long to realize he belongs on the top line and the power play. And now again this training camp Kubalik isn’t on PP1. Kubalik also didn’t deserve those healthy scratches early last season. Finally, what the hell happened to Strome and Debrincat last season? Seems like this “youth development” Colliton has didn’t come close to working on those two.
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