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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hero9154</b></div><div>I must be missing the great prospect...all i see is 3 spare parts and 2 picks for Kreider and Strome. With that said, I would do Kreider for the 2020 Edmonton first and maybe a conditional 3rd or something like that if he resigns.</div></div>

I was fixing to tell him, but you beat me to it. Thank you.

Here's the truth: Oiler fans were clamoring to get Strome back, once Quinn fixed whatever was lacking in his game while he was IN EDMONTON! Kreider has been on their minds since McDavid showed the kind of speed he really has, and are hoping to pair them up along with Draisitil.

By dumping three salaries our way, this becomes the equivalent of having their cake and eating it, too, in this proposal.

The Rangers' rebuild is much further along than many realize. Adding fodder only makes a mess. Sorry, no thanks.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Klm751</b></div><div>Keep in mind kreider is wildly inconsistent and only a 50 point winger, zucc was a 50 point winger and got a 2nd and a 3rd at the deadline, does kreider being younger and for a whole year rather than at the deadline really increase his value beyond what that trade is giving up?</div></div>

Comparing Kreider and Zuccarello, both as players and as trade chips is comparing apples and carburetors. Only Dallas's falling short of the WCF didn't turn their '19 2nd into a first. Once Zuccarello decides to stay, their '20 3rd becomes a first; the Rangers get another first to maneuver with. Worth the wait.

Kreider has developed a much better skating style, which leads him to more shots, better scoring opportunities, and leads to less minutiae and more positive possession of the puck and in play. His numbers will continue to improve, playing in Quinn's system; as did many of the Ranger forwards by season's end. Acquiring him now actually hurts your Oilers, because he could use more seasoning in this system to be more effective in yours.

What do I mean? Case in point: Mika Zibanejad and Ryan Strome. Because both players got more ice time and opportunity to work in this system, their growth could've been more evident. Zibanejad churned out a 70 point season while juggling forwards during the year. His focus on being in the system led to a season, where if the team had been better and others in the league hadn't had better overall performances, likely makes him a Hart candidate.

Strome, came back from the dead; he was an absolute corpse in Edmonton. A handful of points before his trade to NYR--arrives, the first month was an adjustment. He gets going in December, and was right there with Zibanejad, Kreider, Zuccarello (before the trade) and Chytil in terms of offense.

Stop trying so hard to convince yourself, that what you're hoping for Ken Holland to fleece Gorton into a horrid deal.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Noah93</b></div><div>Actually yesterday on a livestream someone asked Panarin if Hefner like to play with dadanov in Florida and Panarin said Florida has no fans and rumours are rangers and Chicago are on top of the list so I think there’s a chance.

Kreider is so inconsistent and he’s gonna want a 7 mill contract for 6 years and rangers should stay away from that, he’s way to inconsistent he’s been hurt for the last two years and a small portion of the year before, it’s time to go young yes Ik you still need veterans but with two good drafts coming talent will be available. I love Kreider but Gorton didn’t seem to confident when ask if he was going to resign him.</div></div>

Inconsistency in Kreider based upon what? This was a mostly healthy season from Kreider..the first since '15-'16. How does 28 goals on a rebuilding team equate to inconsistency? Gorton doesn't have to worry about Kreider, based on the seasons he's put together. I'm sorry, but it will be on Gorton to decide to re-sign him..not the other way around.

As for Panarin, I read that similar interview, and even if he has the Rangers and Hawks in mind, don't think for one second his agent isn't in his ear regarding Florida and playing for his old coach. They can just as easily move Dadanov and open the cap space up to make as much of an offer as possible for Panarin to join the Panthers. Do not underestimate GM Dave Tallon; as crafty as he was at getting Hoffman and moving Bjugstad, he can ship out more and sure up a Panarin grab to play alongside Barkov.