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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsForEver</b></div><div>Tell me how Sergechev is the better player. He's extremely sheltered and is extremely one dimensional; A major concern when he was drafted and has barely improved in that area whatsoever. Drouin has been dissapointing, but injuries have also stopped him from breaking out (This year is a prime example). Neither player has done what they were expetected too. I'm not saying Montreal won, I'm just saying that Tampa didn't either.

Former 70 PT player who has done it once and is a consistent 50 PT player. He had a great breakout season here in his first season with Montreal, but he doesn't have an identity. He wants to be a center, but can't take draws and is wildly inconsistent to ever become a top 6 center in the league. He's a winger that doesn't want to play wing. It's exactly like Galchenyuk. They are in a very similar spot. Domi tries to play physical, but at 5'10 192 LBS, he doesn't have enough strength to actually play like he wants. At the end of his tenure in Montreal, he was playing on the 4th line, he simply didn't fit here and hopefully he finds himself in a better position in Columbus, let's also point out the fact that he signed a 2 year deal that walks him straight into FA so CBJ is likely losing him for nothing. Something Bergevin didn't want to risk.

I don't know why everybody brings up Anderson's point totals. That's not what he is here to do. He's here to bring energy to the team while being a physical player and changing the momentum of the game. His career high is 47 points and 27 goals, which for a PWF is very good numbers. Everybody applauses Anthony Mantha for being such a good PWF, but Anderson brings the exact same skill set and out scores Mantha. There's bias there, but it's ok.</div></div>

Are we talking about another player here? I have watched some Tampa Bay games (not just the playoffs) and Sergachev isn't a one dimensional player. He's made defensive plays and helped get Tampa possession of the puck lots of times. Also I don't know if it's being extremely sheltered or just being on the same defense as two other stud defensemen in McDonaugh and Hedman. Also, when those defenseman were injured during the playoffs, Sergachev stepped up and Tampa still won games. As for Drouin, sure injuries haven't been the kindest to him, but his time to improve is shortening rapidly. He's a very one dimensional player and only has a career high 52 points. And I also think Sergachev took massive strides to improve his defense this year as well as provide offense. IMO, Sergachev is clearly the better player and one of Yzerman's best trades.

As for Domi, I think he's bound to evantually find a role that works for him and whatever team provides that to him. Sure he's inconsistent, but whenever my team plays against him and he's on, he's a pain to play against. I think you could've gotten a way better return than just Anderson. I don't think his contract is the greatest either (I was thinking just one year would be better), but Columbus was going to move Anderson, and getting a 3rd and Domi was a great return for the team.

Ok the point totals may be true, but that's what a player worth his salary is paid to do. Being physical and being annoying as well getting points is what a PWF is supposed to do. I like Anderson and think he's a good player, I just don't think that contract was a good contract for him based on what he brings to the team. Also, Mantha has a better PPG than him and I think Mantha could have a longer and very good season as long as he avoids fighting players so much as it gets him injured pretty often. Also, I don't know about you but Mantha looks a lot better than Anderson when he's on the ice. But then again, we haven't seen Anderson play yet, so it''s unfair to judge him when he hasn't even played on his new team, but on paper it's not a great contract IMO.
Forum: Armchair-GMDec 27, 2020 at 1:36