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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>Reviewing this trade 2 weeks later:

Mantha: 4G, 2A, -1 +/-, 13 SOG in 6 GP for Caps. Team is 4-2-0.

Vrana: 5G, 1A, +4 +/- , 11 SOG in 5 GP for Red Wings. Team is 2-2-1.

Both Mantha and Vrana have far exceeded expectations over the first 2 weeks with their new teams. Both players are shooting at ridiculous percentages. Obviously unsustainable. On paper, this is still a huge win for DET. But, Mantha has never played in a winning organization and he should be highly motivated. If WASH wins the Cup in the next 4 years while under current contract, Caps fans will love this trade. If Mantha is an all star (probably not gonna happen), Caps fans will sleep well.

Vrana's speed and excellent 5on5 goal scoring ability should be a fantastic fit for DET. If he's a 25G scorer, DET wins this trade. Anything more is a bonus. Throw in the 1st and 2nd rounders and this trade remains a monster win for Yzerman and the Red Wings.

So far, both teams win. But, I still contend that this should've been a 1 for 1 trade. The added picks, especially the 1st rounder make this trade a steal for DET, assuming you consider the 2nd rounder fair compensation for taking on Panik's contract.

DET: A+</div></div>

Pretty sound analysis. I'm loving watching Vrana even if the team is still mediocre. I'm also loving not having to watch Mantha be a glaring minus on play after play anymore. Just last night he set up a great opportunity in OT that didn't connect. Friend of mine and I were watching the game and he remarked "well here comes the Mantha minus"

30 seconds later the Pens bury it while Mantha is floating in no mans land like he usually is in the defensive zone. Just another microcosm of what made the guy so frustrating to watch. Very talented player, but a magnet for minus plays even while putting up points.