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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Heiskanen4Vezina</b></div><div>Rantanen is a 22-year old, 80+ point player. Kotkaniemi had a nice first season, but the jury is still out on just what his ceiling can be. Poeling/Caufield are top prospects. If you want a 22-year old Rantanen that has put up 80 points in both his age 21 and 22 seasons, it's going to be a hefty cost; like a young top-6 forward and a top prospect. Don't want to deal those pieces? That's fine, but Colorado's keeping Rantanen.</div></div>

Look, I know we practically don't have any sample size from Poehling and Suzuki in the pros, apart from Poehling's hat trick in the only game he's ever played. But when I hear from scouts and insiders that Poehilng's game resembles O'Reilly's, Suzuki looks like a hybrid between Bergeron and Patty Kane, endless reports compare Kotkaniemi's game to Barkov's (when he was that age) and Caufield is considered as a rich man's Debrincat. Then I'm not giving anyone of them up. There's a reason MTL is ranked constantly the top 3 in league prospect rankings.

I wish I could keep Primeau considering they compare his style to Price's. But no one will touch Price with that cap hit and term, we're stuck with him till he's 38.

Ylonen is part of the Habs top tier prospect group. He was an integral part of Finland's gold medal at the junior championship. I'm stacked but I need to make room for these kids. That's why I need to give up some of my core vets.

COL doesn't have a top tier goalie prospect in the system, that's where Primeau comes in and Ylonen is an insurance in case Gally doesn't resign. COL is stacked with their own prospects too.

But anyway, I'm just throwing ideas out there just to get feedback. Like I said, I'll gladly keep my assets, maybe I'm blindly optimistic about their ceiling, but I'll take my chances.
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