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Let’s make a deal
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Cannon</b></div><div>Francis messed up and I think it should be getting so much more coverage.
Didn’t leverage cap space
Took players who he either lost or didn’t intend on keeping.
Ignored valued players due to high cap. (Tarasenko, domi, etc), (((not price)))). Heck even zadorov fetched a 3rd. When he took a player who walked as a free agent. …. Like what the actual….

He wasted the shot he had and has now left the trem with a middling roster and a 2nd overall pick playing at Michigan. You can’t compare to Vegas. But ffs. He blew it.
If makes me mad how good he could have done with simple picks and leveraging but didn’t do it. Take tarasenko. Take domi, take zadorov. Take nhl players with experience. But oh…. Let’s take Gavin bayreuther over stenlund and domi cuz they both make nhl salary.</div></div>

What Francis did is understandable if you remember his tenure as Carolina general manager.
Make no mistake, Francis is not good with trades. But he's EXCELLENT in the draft. He's taken a lot of high-end talent, and I think he was pushing to compete, but he's got a lot of good pieces he can ship off for assets because it's an expansion team and they always suck. Players like Giordano, Johansson, Blackwell.. even some of the guys with term, he can ship off and build for the future. It's enough to keep competitive and keep the new fans entertained (hence building the fanbase) but it's also smart enough to keep selling good players off. He knows this isn't a contender. He used his cap space to attract big names, which means jersey sales and new fans. He's actually done alright. Is it the best case scenario? 100% no. But I think he's put the organization in a good position with his work.
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