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Thread: Re Tool
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Excellent point and I agree.
As you said, Bjork would be sent to Rochester but only Samuelsson, Power and Pilut are waiver exempt.
You are most likely correct, I think I would rather have Pettersson and Blueger in Buffalo than Bjork and Pilut.
So let's agree to disagree as you make very valid points and Buffalo will not ice a team that will make the playoffs this year.
So while the trade greatly favors the Sabres, it is unlikely that it will be consummated.</div></div>
You’re right, but I don’t even think Pilut makes the immediate roster to begin with. If for some reason Pittsburgh offered this trade you take it, but both Blueger and Petterson should be in the lineup if you did. Considering that both Power and Samuelson are left side defenders who should be in the lineup, would the Sabres be sitting Bryson regularly in favor of Petterson when they just gave him a new contract? I don’t think so. Depth is always necessary, but can the Sabres trade for a guy and pay him $4 million to sit in the press box until there is an injury? I don’t think they would do that either. Blueger should play absolutely, but who sits in his place? I would like Girgensons out there with him so I wouldn’t want them trading off who gets to be scratched. Sure, Okposo can’t play every game, and Peterka and Quinn are not guaranteed full season roster spots, but they should play even over him if that’s the option.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>JSEB93 that would be a great trade for the Sabres, you are correct.
Among the returning defensemen only Samuelsson had a lower OZ% than ePettersson's 45.5% and no one had more hits than his 122.
Among the returning forwards, no one had more hits than Blueger's 87 and he had a higher FO% 53% than any Sabre.
Since Blueger and Girgensons are Riga, Latvia and Pettersson is from Sweden giving Buffalo another positive European connection.
While the trade reduces the number of draft picks, Buffalo moves from a fourth round to third round.
Due to injuries Buffalo had 9 defensemen who played at least 36 games last year and three others who played at least one game.
I think I would like to have Pettersson as one of my top 7 D-men and Blueger centering my fourth line.
I will respectfully disagree and make this trade.
Pettersson's contract does run through 2025, but Blueger would return a pick at the TDL from a team looking to improve their PK and bottom 6 forwards.</div></div>
The point isn’t whether either of them can be useful, the point is somebody has to be out of the lineup for them to play. Even if Bjork gets waived down to Rochester, I don’t know if Fitzgerald can be sent down without having to clear waivers which he wouldn’t. Bjork wouldn’t have been in the lineup anyway, so you’ll have to pick a forward and the defender who would have been in the top six that won’t be playing on a regular basis.
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Thread: Sam Girard
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