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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Is that some sort of attempt at an insult!? lol You don't think I know how to do basic math!? I guess the Finance Degree I have holding up my Cable Box is as useless as I found it to be, I mean it is good at holding up the Cable Box for my Garage TV lol

Never seen Coleman play on the 4th line, ever... And Points Per Game is a FAR better stat than Points Per Season, which is why I use the former PPG. Too many posters on here care about Points only and don't seem to realize there is much more to the game of hockey than who has the nicest looking stats. Furthermore, most posters here don't take in to consideration the minutes, opportunities, line mates and/or the role a player plays when evaluating them, especially those who only care about points.

BUF can certainly go ahead and continue using Greenway, Girgensons and Okposo at 40-50% of Coleman's Cap Hit. They're definitely Cheaper, but also substantially lesser players...

I mean when was the last time Greenway (Physical/Gritty) put up 40 Points in a Season!? He seems to be hated in BUF right now. And How bout Girgensens (Defensive/PK Specialist)!? Has he even ever put up over 20 Points in a Season!?? Remember when Okposo (Offensive) was making $6mil/yr and wasn't producing any more offence than Coleman even though he was given Top-6 Minutes &amp; Linemates and Power Play Time!??? Yes, that was just last season on a contract he was given between the ages of 27-34, which is $1.1mil/yr = 22.4% more than Coleman's Cap Hit, who's contract expires at the same age....

Observation: It literally takes 3 Players at a combined $8mil/yr to match what Coleman does by himself alone and better in every facet (other than Fighting, I'll give that to Greenway) than each of them too. He literally does it all, he's Physical, Gritty, Defensively Reliable and can both Score Goals AND Contribute Offensively. Seriously who opens up more Spots on the lineup and would you rather have:

Greenway $3mil/yr producing 2G+4A=6PTS/19GP
Girgensons $2.5mil/yr producing 2G+0A=2PTS/20GP
Okposo 2.5mil/yr producing 1G+3A=4PTS/20GP
Combined $8mil/yr producing 5G+8A=13PTS/20GP
Coleman $4.9mil/yr producing 6G+5A=11PTS/20GP

How about this, when was the last time any of those 3 Players took BUF to the Playoffs or between the 3 Won the Stanley Cup!? Coleman's done it TWICE. Do you know how much Experience and Leadership he brings to an organization just based on that achievement alone!? Heck, TBL might have won it again in 2022 had Coleman still been on the Team.

Hopefully I've made my point here, but if you missed it, you don't seem to get how Effective and Valuable Blake Coleman is and that he's worth every penny he's paid as a 2nd/3rd Line Defensive/PK Specialist</div></div>
Buffalo is overpaying its fourth line, I don’t think there’s much of an argument against that. I don’t know why they gave Okposo so much money this year, but I think Girgensons got that deal as a reward for staying with the team as long as he has. I’m pretty sure they spent that much on them because they aren’t spending to the cap anyway. I don’t see either of them necessarily on the team next year. Maybe you haven’t looked at the long-term projection, but Buffalo spent all of their money on Dahlin and Power’s new contracts. Both of them are getting $7 million more each next year than they are this year. That’s why you can’t spend almost $5 million on 1 3rd line player.
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Thread: wiff
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AntiAnalytics</b></div><div>Sure, but ONLY if you’re getting physical players like Tuch
And no more guys like Greenway

It’s not just that players like Tuch are expensive to get,
it’s that teams just don’t trade them all that often

Idk what “physical” guys u want,
but most of the ones who seem like they could be available just aren’t very good</div></div>
Players like Tuch usually don’t get traded, because teams generally are lucky to get them in the first place. Another 30 goals scoring player who can throw hits will cost you a top prospect at the least, and a younger one who can produce will cost you a top prospect and possibly a top pick. Look at what Tampa paid for Tanner Jeannot. They basically gave up an entire draft to get him because he scored 20 goals once, and he hits people. There’s almost no way he’ll live up to that trade value.

While adding a game breaker who can play a physical style would be amazing, Tkachuk brothers don’t grow on trees. Realistically, adding a guy who can add even 10 goals for the season would be ideal, as long as they open up space for our smaller, more talented players. Specifically, if you don’t trade for him this season, Brandon Duhaime out of Minnesota would be a nice pick up in free agency next summer. Especially as a replacement for Girgensons, Okposo, or Jost. In terms of trade targets, I also like Connor Dewar as another option. I think it’s important to find someone who fits into the core age group of this team and can grow with them.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 21 at 1:00 a.m.
Thread: wiff
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AntiAnalytics</b></div><div>I don’t really agree with you

First off, it’s hard to acquire guys who are physical that can actually play
If we can get more guys like Tuch, then great!
But they are hard to acquire
Usually u just gotta overpay for a guy like Greenway,
&amp; that just doesn’t help much at all

u don’t necessarily have to be physical &amp; throw hits to be tough to play against
I’d MUCH rather have a fast, skilled team who can pressure &amp; forecheck &amp; create turnovers
Those things help u win much more than what guys like Greenway bring to the table</div></div>
I understand how you feel. But I think of it like this: hockey isn’t like that classic Nintendo game blades of steel that I grew up on where all the players are the same size. It’s more like the older game just called ice hockey, with three different player types: huge, slow dudes with powerful slap shots that can knock any guy over, tiny super fast guys that can’t hit or shoot very hard, and average size players, with average speed and power. Too much of one type and you’ll get smoked, either physically or they’ll be faster than you and beat you to every puck. You need a good mix of all three types to be successful. Players like Tuch aren’t cheap to acquire, on that we are agreed. But if you don’t want all these tiny skill players to be pounded and injured by teams like Boston and Philly, you need guys who are willing to stand up to them and hit back. You can make the argument that Buffalo doesn’t even have room for all of these prospects to actually play in our system. Eventually, a couple guys are going to be the odd man out and need to be traded to where they will get an opportunity, and where the Sabres can get something they need in return. I would look to a team like Minnesota, that seems to have an abundance of physical players in their system, but not much in the way of skill. That sounds like a good match for that kind of trade.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 20 at 8:36 p.m.
Thread: wiff
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AntiAnalytics</b></div><div>Here’s what i think our number 1 “need” is :

We have so much young talent ready to break into the NHL
Benson, Savoie, Kulich &amp; Rosen at forward alone

But they don’t all come into the league as PPG players
Took Dahlin 5years to become a stud
Took Mittelstadt 6 years to start to show what he can really be

We really have to give our young talent the time they need to develop
Levi might be a #1 franchise type goalie,
but he also might not
We gotta give him the time &amp; development path to find out
And not just him &amp; Krebs, but the rest of our young talent as well

We are the youngest team in the league i think,
and we aren’t gonna grow up overnight

Fans might be out of patience &amp; want rash trades now
But our ownership saw that type plan fail miserably with the Eichel/Reinhart core
And i just don’t think we’re gonna be willing to risk making the same mistakes all over again</div></div>
You’re definitely onto something with most of this. If I would say the Sabres need anything, it’s they simply do not have enough size and grit in the forward lineup. Outside of Greenway and Tuch, there is no one who plays with any physicality that will be here next year. I’d have to think they’ll need to be willing to trade some of the smaller prospects they have for a couple wingers who play a tougher game, to at least protect the rest of the talent. Outside of Olivier-Nadeau as far as I know, they just don’t have any prospects in the system who can play a more physical game. The Sabres already have a ton of skill in the pipeline, but nobody willing to throw hits to protect them.
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Thread: Retooling