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Just wondering what your opinion on this.

Army finds middle ground with petro and Tank is missing the first 1-2 months of the season is the situation.</div></div>

I'm not sure I know enough about Robertson. I know he is small, but he's also a goal scorer. Perhaps you can fill me in a little more about the young man? Lily, I think will likely slot in as a 2nd pairing defenseman like Parayko is, but there's no way anyone should expect him to shut down an offense the way Parayko does. That would not be fair to expect. Can Lily score 10-15 goals a season at the NHL level? If he can, then I'd make the argument he'd be valuable in the trade. (The big Colt55 is my favorite player, so it kills me to say that.) The first would be a must, and I read above that someone said Barby is worth a 3rd. I would disagree based on watching him grow up. He's really skilled and certainly worth a 2nd round pick. The reason his skills aren't seen much is because the Blues are so deep at center that he's forced into a 16 minutes-per-night fourth line role. He does that very well too. If Toronto had him and placed him on the 3rd line with one or two of your jackrabbit scorers, I would not be shocked to see him put up 15-20 goals and 45-55 points. The kid can play. He also brings physicality with him, and Toronto definitely needs that too. Good to chat with you, <a href="/users/Jamiepo" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Jamiepo</a> .