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Thread: The Sell-off
I admit, I hit the bowl pretty hard and was not in a good state after losing to FN DETROIT!!!


Car is a perfect trade though.They almost guarantee a cup with that move which is the goal. right?

EDM is under paying for Grze, so I take that one back. You are crazy if you don't think Grze becomes a Krug" on that team. EDM would sign that tomorrow. They should be giving up Bouchard (but they need D so not happening) or Yamamoto for him.

They Bruins deflated all their young guys by blocking all the roster spots for 2-3yrs. Bergy not committing and Krejci not re-signing leaves the players that were brought in (and players who took discounts) thinking, "What the hell did I just do". outside of Marchy, McAvoy, Coyle, Foligno, Pasta (lately), Bergy (lately), and probably Nosek, the rest of the team is playing without any heart. 6/19 players actually playing to win a game is not going to get you anywhere.

They need to fire Sweeney or Cassidy. I look back to when Cassidy came on board and he was great for the young guys. They succeeded. Then somehow, he turned into Julien and all the kids are pissed off and digressing. DeBrusk, Studs, Swayman, Senyshyn, Bjork, Heinen, Carlo, the list goes on... all regressed.

Studs, for example, comes in every off-season with growth, and regresses in 4-5 games.
Swayman not being played in the playoffs when Rask had a torn Labrum... deflating and look at him this year?
Carlo would have earned a ransom in his first 2yrs.. now lucky to get a 4th rd pick for him.

Look at Senyshyn in Prov this year with a new coach. Started out bad, but Nov has 2 hat tricks, moved up in the roster, on the PP, and next call-up if ever a spot opens up. That's not a coincidence. New coach who hasn't been assimilated by the Borg.... YET!!!!

It's old-school coaching and leadership that doesn't deal well with the kids of today. The kids (Pasta and McAvoy) are successful in-spite of the leadership with the Bruins. I get they need to learn to overcome adversity (if they are going to win in the playoffs), but they also need to play to win, not play to not lose.

Are all these players as bad as you say they are? Absolutely NOT!!! Their ceiling is closer to their best years and arm-chair-gm bashers, don't consider this at all. Right team, right system, these "hack Bruins players" become assets with proven NHL-level ability. You can't say that for any prospect in the system.
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