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Prove Me Wrong
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 26, 2019 at 6:45
Thread: Just for fun
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 26, 2019 at 6:24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jiannuccilli</b></div><div>1. Thats your opinion so I won’t argue

2. Chara already signed a contract for next year

3. A healthy Miller is much better than Moore, I think they’ll at least keep him as a scratch. Won’t get injured as often

4. Björk wouldn’t be enough to get someone to take Backes, which is why I gave up Frederic instead

5. Caufield is already playing in college next year, he could be 2nd line in a year or so. He’s not being out there over debrusk, skinner is the one bumping debrusk down here, debrusk can’t play RW</div></div>

Thank you for not arguing my opinion lol, so I won't argue yours :awesome

I know Chara is signed for next year but at age 42 going to 43 and the little speed he has combined with the speed the game is gaining he hasn't looked so pretty this season and I can only imagine what next season will look like for him. Also our boy "Cliffy hockey" (Connor Clifton) has seemed to be able to bring some of the hammer that Miller brings and even though I love miller He hasn't looke much better than moore after coming back from his injuries. It's also been quite a while since he's played (and sounds like he won't for the rest of the playoffs) which gives me a big question mark on his health.

I was confused at the signing of Moore at the beginning of the year, because we have so much defensive depth (with guys like Lauzon,Vakk, Zobril and now Clifton). Therefore I believe that they have a reason to keep him because they had a reason to get him in the first place

(By keeping Krug you can't get Skinner which I believe is the right thing to do IMO)