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Ville Koho
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Feb 2, 2019
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Prove Me Wrong
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 15 at 10:09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BruinsCharlies</b></div><div>You are wrong pulling "It's the coaches fault" card from your pocket. "The coaching staff just can't pull it together"? 194-82-41 record as coach of the Bruins. Won coach of the year last year. He plays the players he thinks will get wins, nothing else. That's his job, his livelihood depends on it. He plays Kuraly and Wagner 10-12 minutes because that's the best the GM gave him for his 4th line. I'd love to have seen Freddy in the playoffs but the fact is he wasn't going to be up to the task yet. The Bruins have talent but they lost to a better team. It's funny because going into the playoffs some Islander fans were dogging Trotz, saying he plays his veteran favorites at the expense of young players, does not give them (Wahlstrom) a fair shake. All those years in Nashville, the cup in Washington and his success with the Islanders and he's getting dogged? And now you are pulling it on Cassidy? So misguided.</div></div>

How was Freddy not "up to the task", like what do you even mean by that? Did you watch game 6? The 4th line of Ritch, Kurls, and Wags was out like every other shift in the 3rd period. Also why did Rask start? Even if we won game 6 and 7 with Rask, what was the plan for next series? Keep playing Tuukka until his entire body is ruined? They had better options and didn't use them, and that goes for the 4th line too. Cassidy was handed a talented roster (who helped him win coach of the year) and has not done anything special with it. He took out Backes in game 7 of the SCF against Backes's former team. Backes would've died to be on that ice, and died to help the team win. Brian Gionta (he actually played for our team lmao) was out in overtime when Tampa scored in the elimination game in 2018. I just feel like every elimination game it seems Cassidy loses control of his bench and makes irrational decisions that don't help the team. The Islanders are not better than the bruins, they're just better coached...

It's also important to note Trotz only took out Wahlstrom cuz he was hurt so...
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