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I'm a little weird, just like everyone else.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>Absolutely, and I agree. To an extent. I'm not saying something couldn't be worked out beforehand. But that's up to Jones, not whomever possibly is acquiring him or Jarmo. From everything I've heard, seen, or read, it sounds like Jones wants to test FA once his contract is up. Could that change depending on how trade negotiations go? Sure, absolutely. But it's not a 100% certainty either.

If a contract extension could be worked out beforehand then his value obviously skyrockets if it does. As it stands now, without an extension, it's not that far off... I did say something needed to be added after all. Just not a second potential top-six center or a top 50 prospect.

I wouldn't bat an eye if Patrick was subbed out for Frost instead. And I don’t view Patrick as a reclamation project, his development was delayed because of things out of his control, that doesn't mean he's a bust or something that needs to be fixed. It just means he's behind the projected development curve, at this time. There is still every chance he can still hit his potential at this point.</div></div>
I agree that swapouts for better-fitting assets would probably be the smarter approach. I'm just having trouble pinpointing that because my best sources on Philly's players are all Flyers fans, and there seems to be an active civil war going on between those who appreciate Provorov and think Jones is also good and those who think Provorov is seriously overrated and Jones even moreso, and so getting straight answers is... challenging. :)
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