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Thanks for the comments guys. A few points in response:

- The Colorado trade is based on comments on other forums from Avalanche fans. Whether Sakic views things this way is another thing, but there seems to be interest there in getting rid of Compher's contract. At this point, Hall perhaps does not return a first; maybe he does if they take back Compher. For the Sabres, Compher's contract is not hard to swallow and he is a decent bounce back candidate.
- This is not worse than this year's team. The young players will be a year better. They will have a legitimate NHL calibre coach and NHL calibre goaltending. Eichel should be healthy. Of course, injuries could happen again, but there is no predicting that.
- The lines aren't actual lines. This is next year. Teams don't have 4 lines that they roll with for 82 games. This is a depth chart. Okposo could slide down or out of the line-up depending on how he is playing. Reinhart, Compher and Asplund could all find themselves on the wing at times with Mittelstadt, Cozens or Lazar moving to center. Youngsters not on the active roster like Quinn, Peterka, Ruotsalainen or the draft pick (Beniers?) could have an impact.
- I admit that the 90+ points comment is likely wishful thinking. But that is failing to see the forest for the trees. The point here is not to commit to anything you'll regret later. Since before Eichel was drafted the Sabres have tried one short-cut after another (trading for Kane and Bogosian, trading for O'Reilly and Lehner, signing Okposo as a UFA, trading O'Reilly for organizational depth, trading for Skinner, signing Skinner to a ridiculous contract, signing Hall). It is time to be patient with what the Sabres have. No more quick fixes.