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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 12:59 pm
Since there have been no call ups I think there should be major change to the lines.

Beau-Brassard-Bailey- Beau continues to hustle but is not getting much done, Bailey has been a passenger for about 2 months now, Brassard competes hard every night. See if the effort Brassard and Beau bring can help bring Bailey back to an NHL level player.

Lee-Nelson-Eberle- Eberle is starting to warm up and Nelson continues to be solid. Keep them with Lee who has been solid on the boards and can open up some shooting lanes for them.

Johnston-Barzal-Kuhnackal- Barzal is a mess right now and was responsible for a few goals last night against. He needs to be demoted and put on a line with two guys that work hard and play a North/ South game. Get him to start dumping pucks in, and not giving the puck up at the blue line or the blind passes to the other team.

Martin- Komarov-Dal Colle- Dal Colle is the most vanilla useless player on this team and should be sent down to give Bellows/ Wahlstrom/ or even Bardreau a chance. Martin and Komarov are about as useless as Dal Colle, but there are no other options right now.

Pulock-Leddy- We need Pulock to take his game to the next level and for Leddy to realize his is faster than almost anyone and skate hard every shift.

Dobson-Boychuk- Dobson continues to improve every game and can take on more minutes while Boychuk is still solid and provides the veteran presence Dobson needs.

Mayfield-Aho- Mayfield remains consistent and I would like to see Aho in the lineup again. He may be undersized but is a smooth skater with puck moving abilities which this team needs right now.

Toews- He has been horrible for a while now, I think he is at best a 3rd pairing D-Man and needs to be benched to send a message.