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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 8 at 5:03
Thread: Hot Dog Phil
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>moli92</b></div><div>How are the Avs not an "offensive team who spends a lot of time in the offensive zone"? They are one of the most offensive teams in the league... He seems like a real good fit to me. I agree that ELCs are important but the Avs already have a bunch and adding Kessel makes them a better team for the next 2 seasons. ELCs are good for staying under the cap during cap crunches. As long as Kessel fits under the cap then its an upgrade for them.

As for the motivation rumours, I think that was mostly a reflection of Malkin and not Kessel. Malkin basically gave PIT an ultimatum where they had to choose between him and Kessel - obviously they chose to keep Malkin since hes a much better player. He fights with his teammates (literally fought Craig Adams at practice) and coaches. As for the comments Malkin made about Kessel not caring about the team and just wanting to have good individual stats - Malkin seems like a hypocrite since at the same time he was mad at the coach for not giving him 20+ mins of ice time and for not playing him when the other team had empty nets. He also doesnt even remember his own teammates names - see Brooks Orpik's interview. bottom line is I dont really think Malkin is a good judge of character and I dont put any value towards what he said about Kessel</div></div>

Avs are an offensive team, but they don't control the zone as much as a team like the Vegas. For example, the Avs are 17th when it comes to offensive zone starts, they are upper mid-tier when it comes to things like CF/60, CA/60 and CF% (same for FF).

When it comes to Kessel. If you refuse to pay attention to his gamestyle and purely focus on the stats, that's fine. But I'd suggest you should also look at his metrics of his final year at the Pens. His were among the worst of the Pens. In the final 3 years at the Pens, 44% of his points were on the PP (nearly the same at ARI now). He won't be on the 1st unit at the Avs, how will he be able to hit those 70 points you mentioned in the description. Make it 40/45 if he'd be somewhat of a fit
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 8 at 4:02
Thread: Hot Dog Phil
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 6 at 4:24
It's hard to compare those 2 players because Matthews hasn't been on the top line for a while because of Tavares. Eichel has played against top units all the time so that works in his favor.

But I wouldn't say Eichel has had terrible linemates all the time as he played with Skinner, an elite ES goalscorer over the past years (yeah I know he's not good this year and has some big downsides to his game), Reinhart who is pretty good and Olofsson who's a good goalscorer as well. Matthews hasn't had the most impressive linemates. He hasn't played a lot with Marner. Instead he got linemates like Hyman, Kapanen, Johnsson and Nylander who hasn't or hadn't proven anything before playing with Matthews. And the thing is: all of those have played good along Matthews. But when they were on a different line, players didn't reached the same level. Hyman, Kapanen, Johnsson and even Nylander has been up and down the line-up for a while when not playing with Matthews. And now Hyman and Nylander are back on the Matthews line. For some reason the Matthews line has always been productive, while centers like Kadri and now Tavares kinda needs Marner on the wing because of lacking chemistry with others. I'd say it's fair to assume Matthews makes his teammates look better.

Matthews is the best 5v5 goalscorer since entering the league and he improves the game of his linemates. And don't forget that Matthews (and any forward at Toronto) has rarely played over 20 minutes a game in his career until the coaching change which affects his points total. Eichel might be the most complete player of the two, but I'd pick Matthews over Eichel every single time
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 6 at 12:06
Thread: 2020-21