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Just a guy who loves hockey and wants to talk about it. Always scouting players using httpsprospectshifts.com. Check out my scouting reports on httpswww.draftsite.comnhlmock-draft2020 or on the mock draft section of CapFriendly
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Petrock83</b></div><div>1. Who is ahead of him? Gilbert is a 7th defenseman at best. Carlsson looked good but likely has a 3rd line ceiling. Beaudin isn't ready. Everyone else isn't an NHLer. You can probably switch Boqvist and Mitchell here, but he is our next best d-man not in the NHL.
2. This is an overpayment for Cirelli, but he is definitely better than Strome.
3. Correct.
4. Maatta is very likely going to be a cap casualty this summer, and he is by no means inexpensive. He is a #5 defenseman on any good team (aka teams that would trade for him), and 4mil is definitely too much for that kind of guy. The buyout is very cheap and allows us to improve elsewhere.
5. This is incorrect. You save a little over a million when you send guys to the minors, while the buyout would save us over two million over the next two years. No one is going to trade for him, and the extra year of the buyout is not a year where big contracts are due.</div></div>

No way the Hawks throw in Mitchell straight out of college unless he dominates in preseason. I rather see McCoshen come up and see what he has to offer. I defiantly agree Cirelli is better than Strome but I rather have Strome at the cheaper contract. Plus you have to take into consideration the morale of the team and trading Strome away would make DeBrincat none too pleased. Maatta might be a casualty this summer but it won't be for nothing. If you put him on a team with defensemen who can actually defend, he can be a solid dman. And in terms of the buyout, Smith would cost the Hawks a little over 2 mil playing in the minors before his contract would expire. I rather pay him 2 mil at once rather than over the next two seasons. Saad will be a UFA, Nylander will be a UFA, and unless Lankinen somehow becomes the Hawks next number 1, we need a goalie next season too.
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