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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>M_Swann</b></div><div>CBJ need Carlsson more than Hutson.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SK101</b></div><div>Not even close to getting 3OA. Hutson could get the LA pick but definitely not the jackets pick</div></div>

Ok, I'd go for the LA pick instead and pick another prospect.

Or, what else could get this done? Add Beck or Kidney to the deal? CAL first in 2025? Or a 2nd in 2023?

In order to get them actual immediate help at center, I would think they'll be targetting someone on the UFA market that is already a proven NHLer. Krejci? Compher? Rodrigues? Haula?

Maybe trade with VGK for Roy? VGK are basically in the can in terms of cap space, they'll need t move someone.. Eichel and Karlsson can't be moved. Roy could be an option.

How about Toronto, if Matthews confirms that he sees his future elswhere in a US market, they could potentially do a three way trade to get assets like Hutson and Evans (who as a low cap hit for a center), add on to the trade and get the big name Center they need like Matthews.

Maybe even go to VAN and do the same deal but for Petterson (If he agree to lift the NMC clause to play with Gaudreau)..

THere are possibilities out there ..

They still have Jenner, Roslovic, Kuraly, and Sillinger on the books. Sillinger can be dropped back for further development and bring in a big name for Gaudreau and Laine. THey are currently sitting at 18 players with a bit under 17M$ to spare. So if they can either go UFA or trade for a player from a team desperate to move cap or get something in return for a soon to be lost cause, could be worth it to trade for Hutson, Evans, Beck/Kidney and a 1st in 2025 or 2nd in 2023?

While they may need Carlsson, would they need that center to perform now or a few years down the road when Gaudreau and Laine may lose some of their shine??
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ohmyjlord</b></div><div>Yeah but you need, at least, a decent prospect in that package. Dvorak is seen by many WPG's fans a negative value (I disagree, but anyway). Pezzetta holds little to no value for a retooling/rebuilding team, other than a body to put in a jersey. And that 1st is very late. You need at least a Kidney-type prospect in there, otherwise, I'm holding on to Dubois if I'm WPG, knowing I'll get more value than that at the deadline, as a rental.</div></div>

Yeah, you are preaching to someone who has the same idea in terms of value. But I would provide them with two more with the RFA rights of Gurianov and Sund instead of a Kidney-type. Gurianov does have potential if he can find the right linesmates. He was brought in late and had more points with the habs in 23 games than with the Stars for 43. Giving him a one year deal at his hit of 2.9M$ qualifiying offer gives WIN a chance to see if he can go longer terms without impacting their salary cap. Sund, work in progress, could bring him in for an AHL offer, or let him develop one more year in Europe.

Else maybe Norlinder as a add-on?

Same for me on Dvorak, he can be very good when he gets his chance, in MTL he got hammered because of his revolving linesmates.

As for Pezzetta, I think he's more than a fill in, he actually can provide good depth and can be a valuable asset for the fourth line on any team. Mtl just has too many 4th liners as it is and could offer him as a piece of the puzzle WIN needs to get those gritter guys on the ice.
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